Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Revue on Little House on the Prairie!

Yes I have finished the next book. As I am going to the next book they seem to be getting shorter to read. It just be me too. I have been reading about six or seven chapters a night too. It is I just can't put the book down.

So in this one it starts out that Pa comes back and asked Laura if she wanted to work in town. Ma don't like that idea at all. Because there are to many strangers coming to town. Laura would be helping a lady sewing shirts for the men. Laura liked the idea because she could help Ma and Pa get enough money to send Mary to the blind college. So Laura did take the job but she would not start the job until that have moved back to there homestead.

They moved back the next day and Pa had a job in town helping the men build a church. So Pa and Laura walked back and forth together. The lady she was working for had a sewing machine that she worked on and Laura was sewing by hand. Laura was making twenty five cents a day  and she had dinner with them. Laura sat by the window and did her sewing and she glanced up and looked out the window watching the people walking by.

When they would go home Pa and Laura still had there chores to do. Pa also had to get everything planted like the corn, wheat, oats and Ma's garden had to be done. Laura's job only lasted for two months. The only day off she had was on Sunday. Because back then that was the Lord's day so you could not work on that day.

There was a mouse in the house and the mouse had chewed some of Pa's hair off one night. So they had to get a cat to keep the mice out of the house. One day Pa went to town to talk with the men and he came home with a kitten. The kitten could fit in Pa's pocket that is how small it was. The girls were so happy when they seen the kitten.

Then later in the summer there was a lot of blackbirds in the fields eating the oats and the corn. Pa took his shot gun out there to try to kill them but there was to many. Laura was afraid that there would not be enough money then to send Mary to college.

Then in the fall Ma and Pa took Mary to Iowa to the college. She had to take a test to see if she could go to the college. Laura had to watch Carrie and Grace while Ma and Pa were gone. Mary passed her test and stayed at the college. While Ma and Pa were gone Laura and Carrie did the fall cleaning for Ma.

Pa did the haying and took all the hay into town. He said they would spend the winter there again just in case it would get real bad and he never did fix the house for winter yet. Then all Laura could think about was having to go to school to get her teaching certificate so she could get a teaching job to help pay for Mary's school.

Then they moved back to town and Almanzo's sister Eliza Jane was the teacher at the school. Nellie was telling the teacher that Laura thought she could get away with everything because her Pa was on the school board. So the teacher was really mean to Laura and Carrie. Eliza only taught until Christmas break then a new teacher came his name was Mr. Owen. He was really nice to all the kids and didn't put up with anything.

At the church on Fridays they had the literaries. This was were all the town people came for like debates, plays, spelling bee and all different things. The first night when Laura put her coat on someone touched her shoulder and said hello. It was Almanzo Wilder and he asked if he could walk her home and she said yes. Then after this day he walked her home every Friday.

Then Mr. Owen the school teacher decided to have a exhibition this was with all the children in school. Laura had to remember everything about the presidents for this. The whole town showed up for this and there was not enough room in the school they had to use the church. Also the school superintendent was there that night. Laura thought she would forget everything when she seen all the people there. When she was putting on here coat Almanzo came and helped her with her coat. While walking home he said he was making a sleigh to go riding in the snow and asked Laura if she would like to go for a ride in it. She said yes so when it is finished he is going to take her.

The next day Mr. Boast came to the door with another man. This is an old friend of Mr. Boast and he asked Laura if she would like to teach a school it is fifteen miles south of town. Laura said she is not sixteen yet and Mr. Boast said you never tell anyone your age. It is only for two months and it pays twenty dollars a month and a place to stay. They said the Superintendent is in town to give Laura the teaching test. Laura said yes and the men left to get the Superintendent before he left. The man came to the house and gave Laura the test she passed it with flying colors. She got her teaching certificate.

I know this is pretty long but this book just had a lot of information that I wanted to put on here. You have to read this book it is so good and it tells you a lot of what happens to them. This is just some of it not all of it. If you like Little House like me you will love the all the books.

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