Friday, June 17, 2011

My Revue on Little House on the Prairie!

Yes I finished the next book. I told you these are really short books. This one was written by Rose Wilder Lane. She used Laura's diary about moving to Mansfield Missouri.

For seven years there had been very little rain almost none. They could not grow a crop on the fields in DeSmet South Dakatoa. The grass was really brown and hardly had money for food. Laura was working in the dress shop making dresses and Almanzo was doing side jobs to make money.

Mr Sherwin had sent Almanzo and Laura of the land of the big apple. Under the picture it said The Gem City of the Ozarks this was in Mansfield Missouri.

So Almanzo and Laura decided that they were going to go there and start a new life. They saved up one hundred dollars to buy land out there. Laura put the money in a sewing box that Almanzo made her out of cigar boxes. Before they left they were living with Laura's Ma and Pa. So they packed everything up into the wagon said good bye to everyone and they left for the land of the big apple.

They left on July 17, 1894 at 8:40 am. It was Laura, Almanzo and Rose. The land that they were crossing was real brown and the crops were really bad. The weather was anywhere from 90- 120 degrees in the shade. They would camp at night and tried to get by a creek or river. I was usually cooler there and so the horses could get something to drink.

The Cooley's went with them and they had two wagon's and the oldest boy drove the second wagon. Almanzo and Mr. Cooley would take turns being in the front.

On Sunday's they would stay at the campsite. Because that is the Lord's day and not to be doing anything.

One the way they ran into wagon's going both ways. Some people that they talked to said there is nothing in Missouri. Some people lost there crops there. The places were they camped they talked to Russians, Germans and all sorts of different people. Almanzo traded things so he could get water and food for the family.

They went through Nebraska, Kansas and finally got to Missouri. When they got into Missouri the water was so clear there like glass. Finally on August 30, 1894 they made it to Mansfield Missouri. They made camp and Almanzo went to the bank the next day to see about land. This took about four days until he found just the right piece of land that he wanted.

Then the next day he took Laura to the land so that she could see it and make sure this is what she wanted too. They both loved the piece of land and they bought it. Then the next day they moved to the land and there was a log home there. There was no window but a cut out in the logs for windows. The floor was an earth floor no wood.

Almanzo promised Laura that the next Spring he would start building her home she wanted. The way that he built it is using the wood and stones on there land. Nothing was bought to build the house.

I was going to try to get the map out of the book to put on here. If I get it I will still put it on here. I am trying to get it to download. Like I said this is a very short book so not really much to tell you. This one is a have to read book. She really goes into details about on the road.

I would really like to hear your comments. Thank you for reading this!♥

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