Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Revue on REO Speedwagon's album Hi Infidelity!

Today I decided to do a revue on REO Speedwagon's album Hi Infidelity. I remember the first time I heard this album I could not believe how good it was. This was back in the 80's and I was still in high school. I just really like the lyric's and the music. To me this band is awesome.

Right now still listening to the music I think they are still really good. I know they have gone through there share of changing the line up. I will always like this album.

This is what I like about each song-

Don't Let Him Go- The way they start it out is awesome with the drums. The music on this is just so awesome that it makes you want to get up and dance to it. The lyrics I like to because it is just telling you not to let someone go that you really care about.

Keep On Loving You- This is more of a ballet to me. The music is great on this song. The lyrics are really good on the song too. But the only problem I have is this song was really over played on the radio.

Follow My Heart- This song is really good. I really like the music on it. I really like the slide on the guitar.

In Your Letter-  The music in this song sounds more like the 50's music. But I do like it but not one of there best songs.

Take It On The Run- This is my favorite song by them. But like the other one they over played it on the radio. I do still listen to it. I just like the way the music is on it.

Tough Guys- At the beginning they have a child talking that is neat. The music is really great on the song. This sounds more like them.

Out Of Season- This one sounds more like a ballet to me. This one I really don't like.

Shakin It Loose- This one the music is alright. But just doesn't sound like a song for them.

Someone Tonight- I really like the music on this one. This is a great song by them I could sit here and listen to it all day long.

I Wish You Were There- I love how they start this song off with the music. Yes this is a ballet but the music is great on it. The lyrics I really like too. This is a great song all the way around.

This album is just great with the music and the songs on it. I hope everyone likes the revue. I would really like to hear your comments to this album. I am leaving you a video from the album!♥


  1. Hi InFidelity was perhaps my first album I've ever gotten from Reo. I remember being totally engrossed in that album for awhile. I really dug the tunes like "Don't Let Him Go" and "Take it on the Run".

    Things changed when I heard their earlier work. Albums like R.E.O T.W.O. and You Get What You Play For kicks ass with Gary Richrath's fiery guitar solos! This stuff is definitely no nonsense, straight forward Midwestern rock and roll...

  2. This was one of the last albums they released that I felt was truly worth listening to. Good Trouble had its moments too but after that they got a bit too poppy for my tastes.

    I much prefer their harder rocking 70s material. Their debut is a favorite of mine. While Terry Luttrell wasn't as good a singer as Kevin Cronin his voice fit that debut album perfectly. It's got a strong roadhouse boogie vibe to it. When I listen to it I can totally picture them playing in a remote midwestern biker bar in some random obscure Illinois, Indiana, or Wisconsin town in the middle of nowhere. I can feel my feet sticking to the floors, smell the stench of stale beer, see the paint peeling off the walls, and the flickering neon lights advertising beers like Schlitz, Stroh's, Old Style, & Miller Lite. Neal Doughty plays a mean roadhouse boogie piano style on that debut.

    I don't get the same vibe from Hi Infidelity. It's a bit more polished, it's a bit more pop, but man it's still damned good music!

  3. With the other two albums I do agree with both of you. I like both of them albums too but this one for me I have always liked this album. Thank you both for the comments.