Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Foghat Album Revue!

I was asked by my boyfriend to do an album revue. He would like  to see how an album revue would turn out for me. So here it is.

I decided to write about Foghat and the album I chose is " Fool For The City".

I chose this album because I really like the music on it. I also just like all of there earlier music. I remember listening to this album when I was younger. I use to sing to it and dance around to the music.

I am sitting here listening to the music while I am writing this and I can't believe how great it sounds. I listened to one version without Dave on here and it just doesn't sound the same. Then I listen to the studio version compared to the live version. I just love the live version to the music. It is because they just add a little more to the music they also make the songs a little longer.

To me the studio version's just sound to muffled to me. It just doesn't sound like the singers on it.

The songs I love on this album are Fool for the City, My Babe, Slow Ride and Drive Me Home. I think these are great songs from this album. The music on it is awesome to me. I just love Foghat's music a lot.

I am going to leave you with the only live version to a song I can find from 1978. I really wish I could have found the title track song in  a live version but I couldn't. So here it is and I hope you like my revue about this album.

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  1. Foghat Live was one of the first albums to start my collection. At the time I thought, it one of the most rockin' albums out there. Lonesome Dave's over the top vocals and Rod Price's crazy slide work got me going over these guys! It wasn't long before I got hands on albums like this one posted.

    Fool for the City and Energized are the best two studio albums to get.