Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Idol!

Well this week was Season 10 finale. I can say this was an awesome finale show. It was the best one that they have had. So many special guests this year a lot of great songs for the finale.

Over 122 million votes for the finale and for the youngest finale finalists.

On Tuesday's show they said that Lauren had blew out a vocal cord and was on medicine for it. This happened during rehearsal.

Round 1- There favorite songs
Scotty sang "Gone" by Montgomery Gentry. This was awesome like the first time he sang it. He has so much fun with this song.
Lauren sang "Flat on the Floor" by Carrie Underwood. It was alright but not her best. You do have to consider about what happened during rehearsal.

Round 2- Celebrity Picks
Scotty had George Strait to pick for him and he sang "Check Yes or No". Another awesome performance with a great song. He can sing any song that you give him.
Lauren had Carrie Underwood to pick her song and she sang "Maybe it was Memphis" by Pam Tillis. She had a really good performance with this song. She did do better.

Round 3- A Single for the person who wins.
Scotty sang "I Love You This Big". This performance was great and I really love this song for him.
Lauren sang "Like My Mother Does". This was a good performance. I really like the song for her.

The Judges picks are Round 1- Scotty, Round 2 Lauren, Round 3 Lauren. Jennifer did not pick for round 3.

To end the show David Cook sang " Don't you forget about me". I just enjoy listening to him sing so much. He has an awesome voice.

Then on Wednesday was an awesome show. To get it started the top 13 sang "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga.

James with Judas Priest sang " Living After Midnight" and "Breaking The Law". This was really awesome.

Jacob, Kirk Franklin and Gladys Knight sang "I Smile". This was really good.

Casey and Jack Black sang "Fat Bottom Girls". I really liked this. They had a lot of fun with the song.

Top 13 Ladies and Beyounce sang a mixture of different songs.

Haley and Tony Bennett sang "Steppin Out". This was awesome. You could tell that they both enjoyed singing together.

TLC, Top13 Ladies and Lil John sang "Scrubs". This was alright but not kind of music.

Scotty and Tim McGraw sang "Live Like Your Dying". This was awesome to see them sing together. Tim is the most played artist on the radio for the last 10 years.

Marc Anthony- He was singing in Spanish. I don't know the name of the song.

Top 13 Guys sang "Kiss", "She's a Lady", "What's up pussy cat" and with Tom Jones "It's not Unusual".

Lady Gaga sang "Edge of Glory".

Lauren and Carrie Underwood sang "Before He Cheats". This was really good. I love this song.

Beyounce sang "1 plus 1".

Reeve Carney, Bono and The Edge sang "Rise Above" from Spiderman. Bono and The Edge are the composers for the song.

Steven Tyler sang "Dream On" as always he is awesome singing. I really love Aerosmiths music.

The Winner is Scotty and to end the show he sang "I Love You This Big". He was laughing and crying while he sang the song. I was so happy that he won.

American Idol will be back on in January. So I hope everyone liked my revue for the show and I will be back in January to start all over.

I would like to hear what you have to say about the finale so please leave your comments. I am leaving you with Scotty's new single.

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