Friday, May 27, 2011

American Idol Judges!

Yes I decided to write about the judges from this season. Because they are a big part of this show and what they have to say about the contestants is very important.

Randy- He has been on this show since it started in 2002. One thing I can say is he does not pick his favorites. Yes he did say to a couple of them that he really liked them. But he was saying to a lot of them that they are in it to win it. I really like Randy because he really does tell you how it is. If he don't like you he will come right out and say it and not beat around the bush. I think he is very honest with them. He is an awesome judge!

Jennifer- She just came on the show this season. She did have a couple of favorites on the show and she did let them know that. To me that is not how you should be on this type of a show. I also don't think you shouldn't be debuting your own music video on the show. Maybe I am wrong in this part but that is how I think. You are there as a judge not for your own music. But yes she did let the contestants know if they were doing something wrong with there songs. I do give her that. She was alright for a judge!

Steven- He just came on the show this season. He was so funny on here and I loved it. Yes he did have his favorites on here too and he did let them know that. But yes he did let the contests know if they were doing something wrong and he let them know if they were awesome. Sometimes with how he would say it I was sitting here laughing so hard. I just hope he comes back next season I think he made the show with Randy. Steven is an awesome judge!

Ryan- He has been on the show since 2002 as the host. I think he is awesome as the host. I really like when he starts to pick on the judges about what they say to the contestants. When Simon was there they would really go at it and I would sit here and just laugh at them. But he is really good with all the contestants. That is what I really like about Ryan.!

Jimmy- He just started this year as a partner to the show. But he has been on here before as a mentor to the contestants. He does an awesome job helping the contestants with there songs choices. He will let them know if that is a good song choice for them or he will let them just do the song and see how it goes for them. I remember one song for James he didn't want James to do the song but it ended up being a great choice for James. Jimmy is also a producer for a lot of singers. I really hope to see him next season on here again!

I hope you enjoy this about the judges, host and mentor. I just thought I would write about this and see what everyone else has to say about it. Please feel free to leave your comment on here! Thank you for taking the time to read this!♥

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