Monday, May 9, 2011

My Revue on Kansas!

I have been meaning to write about this band for about a week. I just have come up with different ideas instead. So this morning I figured I would just get this one out to everyone.

This is an American Rock Band and the band came from Topeka Kansas. The type of music for them is Progressive Rock and Hard Rock.

The past band members are- Dave Hope on bass, Phil Ehart on drums and percussion, Kerry Livgren on guitar, keyboards and synthesizers,  Lynn Meredith on vocals, Don Montre on key boards, Dan Wright on keyboards, Larry Baker on Saxphone.

A year earlier  Meredith, Montre, Wright and Livgren were in a band called " The Reason Why". Then they changed the name to " Saratoga" they started playing Livgren's original material with Scott Kessler on bass and Zeke Lowe on drums.

In 1970 they changed the band's name again to Kansas. In 1974 the debut album was called Kansas and they released it. This was about a year after it was recorded. The band found it's signature style of American Style, Boogie Rock and Complex.

In 1976 on there fourth album "Leftoverture" they had a single hit called " Carry on Wayward Son". Then in 1977 from the album called "Point of Know Return" they had another single called " Dust in the Wind". Both singles were certified Gold Singles also selling over one million copies each. Leftoverture was certified five time platinum in 2001.

In 1978 Then band had sold out concerts being the headlining act. They also had a new album called " Two for the Show". This was a live double album from there 1977 and 1978 shows. The band was also named UNICEF deputy Ambassadors of Goodwill. In 1979 the next album was called " Monoth" this was another live album. The top 40 single was " People of the Southwind" . This album went Platinum.

In the early 1980 they started to add christian music to the album's. This was Livgren starting a born again christian. The next three albums show this like the album called " Audio-Visions". In 1982 They released " Vinyl Confessions" was there first successful album since the album "Point of Know Return".

In 1983 They released " Drastic Measures". This album had three christian songs on it. This album went to number three on the Mainstream Billboard Rock Charts. This was the highest the band ever made it. In 1985 The band had a new line up . They also release a album in 1986 called " Power". In 1988 they released a album called " In the Spirit of Things".

On July 28, 1986 Kansas was inducted into the Rock Walk of Fame in Hollywood. In 2000 Kansas was the opening act for the band Yes. This was during Yes tour called " Masterworks". On May 13,2011 The band will be at Glasgow, Kentucky at the Plaza Theater.

The present members of the band are-
Phil Ehart - Drums
Billy Greer - Bass
Ricky Williams - Guitar
Steve Walsh - Singer and Songwriter
David Ragsdale - Violin

The band is still recording and touring. I think they have had a great career and will be around for a very long time still. Yes there earlier music was really good and that is the music I do like from the band. I do like some of the later music but not as much. I hope everyone likes this revue of Kansas.


  1. Being a huge Kansas fan, I'd recommend their first eight albums with the original line-up. Any album after that point showed the band going through a downward spiral. The Elefante stuff was alright. The Steve Morse era stunk. Kansas regained some of their glory through David Ragsdale, especially on their Live at the Whiskey album. The brightest spot was their 1998 release of Somewhere to Elsewhere featuring the original members. (And that didn't even measure up to the days of their prime.

  2. I agree with you because I do not like the newer stuff. The older songs are a lot better.