Monday, May 23, 2011

My Daughter's Graduation Party!

This past Saturday was my daughter graduation party. Our place was to small so my ex brother in law said we could have it at his place which is about an hour away. I am so thankful that my ex in laws still consider me family.

This past week was on very long week for me. Tuesday my daughter had her graduation. Before the ceremony we had a cookout here at the house for everyone that showed up. The people that were here is my mom, my ex father in law, my son, both of my girls, my sons girlfriend, my boyfriend and I. That was one real long day with people here from 11am to about 8pm.

Then Friday I had shopping to do in the morning. Then I went to see my boyfriend for his lunch. Then I took my daughter to my ex brother in laws house.  After that I had to pick my boyfriend up from work. We got home about 5pm and had dinner.

Then Saturday was the party it started at 3pm. We got there at 2pm. It was all of my ex in laws there. The whole day turned out great. I thought it was going to rain but we had a few sprinkles here and there. They cooked out and everyone brought side dishes. My ex brother in law has a little farm he has horses, chicken and dogs. There was about seven dogs at the house Saturday. They played horseshoes and they had a bee bee gun to target shoot. Everyone was talking and had a real good time getting caught up with what was happening.

I couldn't have asked for a better day for my daughter. She had a great time Saturday. She is spending a week with her brother then a week with her sister.

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