Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Revue on Little House on the Prairie!

I finally finished reading the Little House on the Prairie book. I couldn't believe it has taken me this long to read it. I was trying to read in the evening but other things happened. I hope you all like the revue.

Pa decided to move out west because there was to many people in the big woods now. So Pa took the family to Indian Territory in Kansas. They all had to say good bye to Grandma, Grandpa, the Aunts and Uncles and Cousins. Then they all got in the wagon and left. They had to cross the lake before it started to thaw out. As they were crossing the lake you could hear it start to crack.

When they came to a creek it didn't look to bad. So Pa started crossing the creek and then he realized it was deep and started to run real fast. He didn't think of putting the dog in the wagon at the time. Half way across the creek Pa had to get out of the wagon and guide the horses across. They finally made it to the other side but no one seen the dog. They all figured the dog had floated down river. Later that night when the set camp and the girls were going to bed Laura seen eyes looking at her in the dark. Pa picked up his rifle and pointed at the animal and the animal came closer and Pa realized it was there dog.

The next morning they started on the road again. Then Pa found a prairie and it was close to a real good creek. He said they would settle here and make this home. He said this would make for real good crops. The next day Pa went to get logs to start building the house. Then the next day Pa and Ma started to build the house when they were half way done a log fell and it sprained Ma's ankle. Pa had to go and get more logs for the house and while he was getting the logs he met a neighbor Mr. Edwards. Then Mr. Edwards said he would help Pa finish the house and the stable.

Then Pa had gone to the creek with the horses another day and he met another neighbor Mr Smith. Mr Smith said he would help Pa dig a well so they didn't have to go to the creek all the time.

Pa had met some men moving cattle and they told Pa he could help them and they would give him a cow. So he went home and told Ma and she said it sounds like a good idea. So the next morning Pa went and helped them and he came home with a cow and a calf. The men said they couldn't separate them.

I was starting to get cold and Pa said he had to go to town to trade his furs for supplies. Pa was hunting for furs so he could trade them. While Pa was gone he had asked Mr. Edwards to come and help Ma with the chores. So the next morning Pa left early for town. He was gone for four days and Mr. Edwards came and helped Ma with the chores. When Pa came home he had all the supplies that Ma wanted he also had gotten glass for the windows so it would stay warm in the house.

Then it was Christmas and Mary and Laura was afraid Santa would not know were to find them. Mr. Edwards was asked to Christmas dinner but Pa said the creek was running to fast for anyone to cross. So Ma and Pa said that Mr Edwards wouldn't make it. Then there was a knock on the door and it was Mr. Edwards. He said he was to town and seen Santa. The girls asked him if he was sure it was Santa and he said yes. He also told the girls that Santa asked him if he knew the girls and Mr Edwards said yes. Then Santa asked him if he could bring them there presents because he knew that they were very good girls. So Mr Edwards told Santa he would make sure the girls got there presents. He also brought sweet potatoes for dinner.

Then it started to warm up and Pa had to make another trip to town. This time he had to get a plow so he could plow the field. He brought more furs to trade for it and he had to get more supplies. While Pa was gone some Indians started to camp down by the creek. Then one night they started to make a lot of noise and scared Mary and Laura. It was the Indians war songs. Pa said that the Indians want to get the white man off of Indian Territory. Then about a week later Pa was going to go outside to plow the field and he called Ma, Mary and Laura to the door. It was like a parade of Indians going right pass the house. They were all leaving from down by the creek.

The next morning Pa came from the field with Mr. Edwards and Mr. Smith. Mr Smith told Pa that the soldiers were coming and moving the people off the Indian's land. So Pa told Mr. Smith he was leaving the next morning and said that Mr. Smith could have the plow and the cows. Mr. Edwards said he was leaving and Pa told him to go with them. Mr Edwards said he is taking his boat and going south. That afternoon Pa put the cover on the wagon again. The next morning Pa and Ma packed the wagon and they went towards Missouri.

This is my revue of the book and I hope everyone likes it. I don't have the next book I am going to the library to get it today. So hopefully I will have the next book revue very soon for everyone.

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