Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Girls Graduated!

I can't believe it my youngest child graduated high school yesterday. We are so proud of her. This last year for her was a very long and hard struggle for her. We moved down with my boyfriend she had to switch schools for her last year. Then we find out she has a lot of credits to make up for the last year and that she might not graduate until the after summer school. The high school told us that the tech college offers a program called the Act 39. This is were she only had to get half the credits and she still gets a high school diploma and she walks across the stage in a cap and gown. So we went and talked to the people about that and she went for the Act 39 so she could graduate on time.

My boyfriends daughter graduated yesterday with my daughter. She dropped out of high school and she went back for her high school diploma. This was a struggle for her too. She has a little 3 year old daughter and she went for her diploma too. We are so proud of her too.

I couldn't believe it when they walked down the isle. Both the girls were next to each other and I took a picture of them walking down the isle. They both looked very nice for there graduation. I knew I was going to lose it by crying during the ceremony but we both lost it for both of the girls. They had two parents crying very happy tears for both of them because we are very proud for the two girls. It was a long and hard road for the girls and they both made it. We couldn't be more proud of them.

Now the next thing is the girls  want to go to college. We are behind the girls all the way. We know they can do it to get the degree that they want. The girls are very smart and I know if they put there minds to it they can make it happen.



  1. Congratulations to the girls..indeed it's a hard work but they finally did it! I can imagine what's the moment like..I may cry with you if I were there..such a wonderful moment!

  2. Congratulations too both of the girls. I hope all their dreams come true!!!!!!!!!!!!Love Janette

  3. Thank you HLiza and Janette. Both the girls appreciate your comments to them and so do I. I felt like a waterfall that night but very proud of both girls.