Friday, April 15, 2011

Serving Alcohol Drinks to Toddlers!

Last night on the news I heard of two places that served alcohol drinks to toddlers. This really got to me and I just had to write about it. Yes my kids are a lot older but I do have a two year old great niece. This is why it scares me so much.

The first toddler is only fifteen months old lives in Michigan. The family went to Applebee's for dinner and the toddler was given a alcohol drink in a plastic glass. The waiter didn't ask which drink it was and gave the cup to the child.

The second toddler is two years old and lives in Lakeland, Florida. This family went to Olive Garden for dinner. They ordered a orange juice for the boy and got a tropical sangria instead. The boy drank most of the drink and the waiter came and said that was the wrong drink and left the table very fast. When he came back with the orange juice the mom asked what was in the glass and the waiter told her. The mom was very upset and the manager came to the table to apologize. The drink had orange juice, pineapple juice and wine in it. By the end of dinner the boy was very loud, misbehaving and his eyes were dilated and red.

Then his mom took him to the emergency room. The doctor had to give the boy an IV and checked him out. But at that time with test really couldn't tell how much alcohol was in his system. The boy went home two hours later.

The boy is doing real good and nothing seems to be wrong with him. The mom did contact an attorney about this. I don't blame her for that.

This really got to me when I seen it on the news. How can people do this to a toddler and the manager not do something about this. If this was a stronger drink they could have killed the boy. I worry about this because of my little great niece and my boyfriends granddaughter. I don't want to see this happen to any child that young out there. This is really wrong and I hope something happens with this.


  1. Where did you see this?? and as a mom I would be very mad how can they do that?? just so wrong guess before amanda takes a drink of anything I will be trying it first.

  2. I had seen this on the news last night. For some reason I think that is what is coming to. See to make sure that the kids have the right drinks.

  3. Both incidents are scary! I don't have children, but this would make me think twice about eating at these establishments.

  4. On one hand I can understand the outrage and umbrage over these incidents. On another, I really can't.

    As I read, "By the end of dinner..." I was more outraged at the parents than at the restaurant. Why did it take them THAT long before they noticed something was wrong?

    I guess I think most of this outrage is misplaced. Yes the restaurant is partially at fault, but what about the parents? Shouldn't parents be more aware and cognizant of their children and the behavior of their children?

    Traditionally my wife & I bring a sippy cup with a mixture of apple juice & water for our daughter when we go out to eat with her. If she runs out we either top it off with water from one of our glasses (we know it's water because we've been drinking it) or we order her an apple juice and empty it into her sippy cup when it arrives at the table. If there's alcohol mixed in a drink you can traditionally smell it.

  5. The little boy was drinking out of the plastic cup that the waiter gave him. I understand what you are saying Perplexio. The thing is when my kids were growing up I didn't have to worry about this and then I seen this on t.v.. My son's girlfriend is pregnant and I don't want him to have to worry about this with his baby.

    Steve I agree with you. This is really scary for parents these days hearing this on the news. I feel really bad for the kids that have to go through something like this that little.

  6. I just seen something about this happening down here last night again on the news. Do these people think this funny. Janette