Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Revue on Bruce Springsteen!

This morning I was trying to figure out who to write about. Then I thought of Bruce Springsteen. I remember growing up and the first album I listened to was "Born to Run". I thought this was a great album from him. It is something about his voice that I really like. It is really different than anyone else.

Bruce Springsteen was born September 23, 1949 in Long Beach, New Jersey.

He was nick named the boss from his band members. This is because after the shows he would go and get the money and give each band member there pay for the night.

The type of music is Rock, Heartland Rock, Roots Rock, Jersey Shore Sound, Country Rock. The Band's name is the E Street Band.

Bruce is singer and songwriter. He is known for his brand of heartland rock, poetic lyrics and american sentiments centered on his native New Jersey. Most successful albums are Born to Run and Born in the USA. Sold more than 65 million in the US and over 120 million worldwide. His dad was a bus driver and his mom was a legal secretary. Bruce's heritage is 50% Italian, 37% Irish and 13% Dutch. He has two sisters and he was raised Catholic.

Bruce's influence growing up was Elvis at age 7. At age 13 his mom bought him his first guitar for $18. Then at age 16 his mom had to take a loan out to buy him a Kent guitar for $60.  Later Bruce had written a song about the guitar called "The Wish".

In 1965 Bruce was in a band called The Castiles. He was lead guitar and lead vocals. in 1964 he failed a physical exam for the Vietnam War. Because the year before he had suffered a concision from a  motorcycle accident.

Then in 1969-Early 1971 he was in a band called Steel Mill. Then in Early to Mid 1971 he was in a band called Dr. Zoom and the Sonic Boom. In Mid 1971 he was in a band called Sundance Blues. Then in 1971 to Mid 1972 The Bruce Springsteen band came. John Hammond a talent scout for Columbia Records gave Bruce and the band an audition in 1972 with new managers for the band Mike Appel and Jim Cretecos. In January of 1973 his first album that came out was "Greetings from Asbury Park N.J.". Then in 1975 he released "Born to Run" and in August he had found his success. This album had reached number three on the billboard 200. This album was a favorite on the Classic Rock stations. Then in 1978 he had released "Darkness on the Edge of Town". This was the turning point for him. Gone were the raw, rapid-fire lyrics, outsized character and long, multi-part musical compositions. Then songs are more leaner and more carefully drawn.

Then on 1984 he released "Born in the USA" This is the album that Bruce is best known for making. He sold over 15 million copies in the US. He also had seven singles to go on to the top ten. The title track was a bitter commentary on the treatment of the Vietnam Veterans. Some of whom were his friends and some were his bandmates. In 1985 he had married Julianne Phillips.  Then in 1986 he released "Live 1975-1985" box set. This was number one on the US ablum charts. Then in 1988 Bruce and Julianne had gotten a divorce.  Then in 1989 Bruce had dissolved the E Street Band. Then Bruce and Patti Scialfa had move to California.

Then in 1991 Bruce and Patti had gotten married. They have three children  together. Then in 1999 Bruce was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Bono from U2. Also Bruce and the E Street Band had reunited they went on an extensive reunion tour lasting for over a year long. This reunion tour was sold out all over.

Then on November 4th, 2008 when Obama won the election and after the victory speech in Chicago's Grant Park. They had played Bruce's song "The Rising" over the loud speakers. Then in February 2009 Bruce performed at the Superbowl XLIII halftime show. This was his busiest month of his life. Then in 2010 he performed at the concert to raise money for Haiti. This concert was organized by George Clooney.

The Band Member are-
Bruce Springsteen- Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica and Piano.
Garry Tallent- Bass and Tuba.
Clearance "Big Man" Clemons- Saxophone, Percussions and Backing Vocals.
Max Weinberg- Drums and Percussions.
Roy Bittan- Piano and Keyboards.
Steven Van Zandt- Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals and Mandolin.
Nils Lofgren- Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar and Backing Vocals.
Patti Sciafa- Backing Vocals , Duet Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and Percussions.
Soozie Tyrell- Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Percussions and Backing Vocals.
Charles Giordano- Organ, Accordion and Glocken Spiel.

Bruce and the band have had a great career with a lot of great music. They also had a lot of awards for all of there great music. I love all of his music.


  1. The Boss is a brilliant singer/songwriter who's lyrics are visionary and imaginary! I can't really think of anyone whom is a better songwriter.

  2. I agree with you Drew. I never new that when he wrote Born in the USA was for the veterans. When I found that out I was really amazed. He is a real good songwriter and the way he sings is great. That is why I love his music.

  3. Love this! I love the Boss!

  4. Kristy I have been following him from day one. I love his music.