Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Youngest is Graduating High School!

I decided to write about my youngest daughter graduating high school. I can remember the day she was born. That was a real happy day for me when I seen her. I also have two older kids and it  hasn't been easy for me the last nine years raising three kids by myself.

My oldest is my son and he never graduated high school. He is having a real hard time getting his GED. He has always been in the slow learning classes since he was in sixth grade. It was a real struggle with him in school. He did get into his own fair share of trouble growing up. My son is going to get his GED.

Then there is my older daughter she did graduate high school and she is in college. With my older daughter she decided she didn't  want to go her homework in the first two years of high school and her senior year she had to hurry up and make up all the credits. She was a handful in high school. But in the end of it all  she did manage to graduate.

My youngest daughter she is graduating in May from high school. She also decided she didn't want to do her homework the first two years of high school. Now she is having a hard time getting her credits to graduate. But some how she is doing it and I am very proud of her. She needed more one on one help with the teachers to get her grades up. The main thing is she is graduating.

I am very proud of all of my kids because we have had it real hard for all of us. There dad walked out on us and it was hard for me to sit there and help all my kids with there homework. I tried my hardest with them and I think my kids did the best that each one of them could do. I always told my kids to try there hardest and to graduate. I know my son didn't graduate but he is trying to get his GED. If he gets that I will be very happy for him.

My youngest daughter just went and took her ACT's today. I pray she did very good on them so she can get into the college she wants to go to. She studied for two weeks straight plus doing her homework. I can't wait for her graduation and to find out about her test she took today. I am a very proud mom right now.


  1. We're in the same boat, with three kiddos! Congratulations for your daughter..and to you too for doing such a good job raising your kids..I can never imagine doing it without a husband; I need one most for disciplining purpose and to help where I can't afford to do. It's great to look back at your kids' son is very much like yours actually, a slow learner but I believe there's so much out there for these kids..the future is still bright!

  2. I had to put my son into smaller classes to get his grades up. See if they have that for your son. This really helps them a lot.

    Thank you for saying I did a good job raising my kids. I had to be mom and dad by myself. I made sure when my ex husband walked out I would get child support. With me working and child support I just about made ends meet. I also had the support of my family and my ex husbands family.

  3. My youngest niece is graduating this year as well. She was born 2 months premature so she was a bit of a miracle baby. But being born premature unfortunately adversely affected her mental development as well as her physical development. Between 8th grade and her freshman year of high school my brother moved from Northern NY to Fort Wayne, IN. Luckily Fort Wayne has a better school system so the move really benefitted my niece. She finally started getting the additional attention she needed and her grades started to reflect that.

    My 2 youngest nephews are both 14 so they'll be graduating in a few years. Then there's my daughter who is only 22 months old so it's going to be quite a few years before she graduates.

  4. I am really happy that your niece is doing a lot better in school. I know how it is when a child needs a little more help in school. Because my son was that way.

    Enjoy your daughter now because I will let you know as she gets older it does not get any easier. You will start to worry a lot more as she gets older.