Friday, April 8, 2011

Amerian Idol!

This week on American Idol was a real shock to me. I really didn't like the out come of it. This week the theme was Rock N Roll Hall of Fame music.

There are nine contestants this week and they are
Jacob sang Man in the Mirror by Micheal Jackson. His performance was really good and he made the song more of a gospel version.
Haley sang Piece of my Heart by Janis Joplin. This was a perfect song for her and she had an awesome performance.
Casey sang Have you ever seen the Rain by Credence Clear Revival. He had an awesome performance with the up right bass. He nailed the song great.
Lauren sang Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. Her performance wasn't one of her better ones. I have seen her sing better. This song wasn't for her.
James sang While my Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles. I was a ballad song for him but he did an awesome job with it. This was a great performance.
Scotty sang That's Alright Mama by Elvis. This was one of his best performances I really liked it. He really nailed this song with is voice and performance.
Pia sang River Deep Mountain High by Tina Turner. This was the perfect song for her. She had an awesome performance with this song. I think this was one of her better performances and she nailed it with her voice and performance.
Stephano sang When a Man Love a Woman by Percy Sledge. His performance was alright but not one of his better ones. To me this one was really boring to me.
Paul sang Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash. He made the song his own and it was alright. Wasn't one of his better performances.

The celebrities this week where Constantine and Iggy Pop.

The group sang I Love Rock N Roll and Sweet Home Alabama.

  The bottom three this week are- Stephano, Pia and Jacob.

The one eliminated is Pia.

This was just wrong. She has a stronger voice then the other two. I really think that Stephano should have gone this week. This isn't the first time he was in the bottom three. Pia should have made it into the top five this is how good she is. If people would listen to the way people sing and not the way they look she would have made it. Her is Pia singing this week and everyone let me know what they think of her performance and the way she sings.

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