Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Revue on Yes!

Today I decided to write about the band Yes. I had seen them in July of 2010 at summerfest with my boyfriend. It took me back to when I was growing up and just loved to listen to there music.

The type of music that they play is Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, Pop Rock, Art Rock and Psychedelic Rock. 

To me I would rather listen to the older music from them. The music from the 70's. Songs like Roundabout, And You And I, Apocalypse, Then, Time and a Work and Every Little Thing. These are just some of the songs.

The band formed in London in 1968 with band members Jon Anderson lead vocals, Peter Banks guitar, Tony Kaye keyboards, Chris Squire bass and Bill Bruford drums. The band was formed by Jon Anderson and Chris Squire. Jon was a brief member of The Gun band and Chris was a member of The Syn band. Chris was influenced from bass player John Entwistle of The Who.

The first album Yes was released July 25th 1969. This album had The Byrd and Every Little Thing on it. This album was really good. I really like this album because it just had a really different sound to it and has a totally different musical power to the album. When I first heard this band I knew they would be around for a long time.

Just like any other band they had there ups and downs with band members coming and going. The band also split up a couple of times.

In late March 1981 was when the band first split up and they also fired long time manager Brian Lane. Also in 1981 Chris Squire and Alan White had been doing some recording for a band that was getting together called the XYZ. This was with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant from Led Zepplin. But Robert couldn't do it anymore because he was still mourning the loss of his best friend John " Bonzo" Bonham. So this never happened for them.

Then in 1983 Chris Squire had seen Jon Anderson at a party in Los Angeles. Chris asked Jon if he would like to do some vocals for a band he was getting together called this Cinema. Jon told Chris yes so they had a new band together again. The did some recordings and the record company told them they would sell more albums if they went back to using the band Yes. The new writer and processor was Trever Rabin.

Then in 1996 the band let Trevor Rabin and Tony Kaye go. This was the start for the band to go back the the classic styles from 1970's music. The band performed three night in San Luis Obispo California. This was Jon's home town. The band sold out all three nights for the shows. They also recorded the live performances for the album Keys to Ascension.

Then in 2008 Steve Howe, Chris Squire, and Alan White reunited the band the second time with Benoit David on vocals and Oliver Wakeman on keyboards.

If you are able to see them in concert I would say do it. They put on an awesome concert. I really enjoyed it and this was the very first time I was to one of there concert. I hope you enjoy this revue about the band. 

These are the band members that the group had gone through in the years.
Year Lead vocals Guitar Keyboards Bass Drums
1968–1970 Jon Anderson Peter Banks Tony Kaye Chris Squire Bill Bruford
1970–1971 Steve Howe
1971–1972 Rick Wakeman
1972–1974 Alan White
1974–1976 Patrick Moraz
1976–1980 Rick Wakeman
1980–1981 Trevor Horn Geoff Downes
1981–1983 Group disbanded
1983–1989 Jon Anderson Trevor Rabin Tony Kaye
Trevor Rabin (studio only)
Chris Squire Alan White
1990–1992 Trevor Rabin
Steve Howe
Tony Kaye
Rick Wakeman
Alan White
Bill Bruford
1993–1994 Trevor Rabin Tony Kaye
Trevor Rabin
Alan White
1995–1997 Steve Howe Rick Wakeman
1997 Steve Howe
Billy Sherwood
Billy Sherwood (studio only)
1997–2000 Igor Khoroshev
2000 Steve Howe
2001–2002 Tom Brislin (touring only)
2002–2004 Rick Wakeman
2004–2008 Group on hiatus
2008–2011 Benoît David Steve Howe Oliver Wakeman Chris Squire Alan White
2011-present Benoît David Steve Howe Geoff Downes Chris Squire Alan White


  1. Nice review there Tender Bear! My favorite stuff from Yes was when Steve Howe joined in 1971 on The Yes Album till their first official break up in 1981. 1972's Close to the Edge remains my favorite of that pack.

    The 90125 lineup that featured Rabin and Kaye produced their number one smash hit "Owner of a Lonely Heart" was alright. I did see them in concert during that tour (for the first time). As great the show was, it just wasn't the classic Yes I grew to love.

    The latest I heard from Yes was Geoff Downes replaced Oliver Wakeman on the keyboards and are in the studio working on a new album due this year.

  2. I've heard the same as Drew. Also I've heard that former Yes vocalist and producer, Trevor Horn, is producing the new Yes album.

    I'm likely in the minority in that Drama is my favorite Yes album. Steve Howe's chemistry with Geoff Downes is tighter than it was with any of the other keyboardists he played with in Yes (and I include Rick Wakeman when I say that).

    While Howe and Downes showed more of that chemistry in Asia, I didn't feel the quality of the material on the Asia albums really showed their full potential the way songs like Machine Messiah, Into the Light, and Tempus Fugit did.

  3. Great Review. I saw Yes at Alpine Valley for the Union Tour (I forget the year). It had all of the members: Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Tony Kaye, Rick Wakeman, Steve Howe, Trevor Rabin, Alan White and Bill Brufor. It was simply breathtaking. One of the best concerts I have ever been to. I have to say that Close to the Edge and Relayer are probably my two favorite albums. But everything through Union is very good. Some of the later stuff is a bit draggy. I am a prog nut who's has over 50 gigs of it on my hard drive. Yes was a very early influence for my on drums as well.

  4. Drew- I heard about the new album that they are working on too. I can't wait for it to come out and hear it. It is going to be interesting to see how it is. That album is a real good one. I think they did an awesome job on that one. Thank you for your comment.

    Perplexio- To me I think that Steve Howe and Geoff Downes have done better with Yes then when they were with Asia. You are right about the chemistry of them. That album was a real good one. There are some songs on that one that I do like too. I just prefer the older songs more. Thank you for your comment.

    Brett- Those are two awesome albums. I just think anything after the 90125 album really became a little boring with some of the music. I seen them in concert last year at summerfest and they were really good. I thought they sounded better in concert than there studio verions. They sang a lot of the older songs. Thank you for your comment.