Monday, April 11, 2011

My Revue on ZZ Top

This morning I was trying to figure out who to write about today. Then it came to me ZZ Top. I love there music ever since I heard it the first time. For some reason this band is one of my favorites. Just listening to there music calms me down.

The band was formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas. They were referred to as " That Little Ol' Band From Texas". The original members of the band are-
BillyGibbons- guitar and vocals Dan Mitchell-Drummer, Lainer Greig-Bass. Billy and Dan were in a band called The Moving Sidewalk. A couple of the other band member were drafted in the US Army. Later that year Billy Gibbons met Dusty Hill and he replaced Dan Mitchell and Lainer Greg with Dusty Hill and Frank Beard. Dusty Hill- bass, keyboards and vocals, Frank Beard- drums. Once they had there line up they hired Bill Ham as there manager. Dusty and Frank are from a band called American Blues.

There style of music is Blues based Boogie Rock, Southern Rock and Hard Rock.

In 1971 was there debut album but that did not go good for the band at all. Then in 1972 the album Rio Grande Mud was not on the top 100 either. But this one was good for the concerts. In 1973 Tres Hombres charted number eight on the top 200.

Labor Day 1974 at Austins Texas Memorial Stadium had an audience over 100,000 people for a concert. The concert named " ZZ Top's First Annual Size Rompin' Stompin' Barn Dance and Bar BQ." With special guests Santana, Joe Cocker and Bad Company.

In 1977 the band was only going to take a two week break from  the media. But the two week break turned into a two year break. Billy went to Europe, Frank went to Jamaica and Dusty went to Mexico. While they were gone Billy and Dusty grew there beards down to there chest.

In 1979 the band reunited and they release the album Deguello. This album went to platinum.

In 1981 the Eliminator album was released and this album sold over ten million albums. This album also has received many awards for the music and the videos. The videos made for this album are on DVD and this has also went to platinum.

In 2003 they released the album Mescalero this album has a hidden track called " As Time Goes By" on it. This is in the mode of Carlo Santana's Supernatural. They also released a four-cd collection called Chrome, Smoke and BBQ. This box set has several rare B side tracks, radio promotion from 1979, a live track, extended dance mix versions, three tracks from Billy Gibbons pre-ZZ days, and the Moving Sidewalks are included. This was the bands last album.

2004 ZZ Top was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones gave the speech. ZZ Top also did a brief performance with LaGrange and Tush.

On September 10th 2008 the band released Eliminator Collector's Edition CD/DVD in celebrating there 25th Anniversary. this went to the Diamond Album.

From the RIAA  ZZ Top has achieved Four Gold, Three Platinum, Two Multi Platinum album certifications. They also have One Diamond Album.

With there career I think ZZ Top has done an awesome job with there music. Yes I said it earlier I love this band. They also got the name from zig zag and the top rolling papers. With everything they have achieved the band is still doing concerts. They did a World Tour last year. I can tell you one thing I am a dedicated fan of there's. I really love there music. I never did get to see them in concert I hope to do that before they do retire.


  1. ZZ Top is one of the many bands that are on my bucket list. Although they were rather simplistic as far as songwriting goes, they made it up for their powerhouse boogie rock. Gibbons is a "god" on the guitar!

  2. I think there music is awesome and yes Gibbons is great on the guitar. I do agree with you on that. I would rather listen to ZZ Top then some of the other bands out there.

  3. "I love there music ever since I heard it the first time."
    I have loved their music...

    "Just listening to there music calms me down."

    "Once they had there line up they hired Bill Ham as there manager. Dusty and Frank are from a band called American Blues. "
    Once they had their..

    Your grammar is amazing!