Friday, April 29, 2011

American Idol 2011!

The theme for this week was Carole King songs. Baby Face was helping with the songs at rehearsal. Miley Cyrus showed up for Lauren's rehearsal.

Jacob sang "Oh No, Not My Baby". The performance was alright. But he sang the song a little bit to loud.

Lauren sang "Where You Lead". This was not one of her better performances. She was trying way to hard.

Scotty sang "You've Got A Friend". This was a great performance. He made the song his own like always.

James sang "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow". As usual an awesome performance. He can sing any song and make it his own.

Casey sang "Hi-De-Ho'. This was a different song he made it his own. Really good performance.

Haley sang "Beautiful". Another awesome performance by her. She really knows how to make a song her own.

The Duets that they did-

Casey and Haley sang " I Feel The Earth Move". They did an awesome job with the performance. They can really sing together.

Scotty and Lauren sang "Up On The Roof". This was a really good performance. They really sing good together.

James and Jacob sang "I'm Into Something Good". This was a good performance. But for them to sing together I did not like.

Special guests- Crystal Bowersox she sang "Riding With The Radio". I really like this song for her. It was great to see her again.

Bruno Mars sorry I did not catch his performance.

Bottom three-

Eliminated was Casey.

I also found out for this week Steven Tyler was on the cover of Rolling Stone and People.

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