Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Trip Up North!

Saturday after work Drew and I went up north. It was one very long day for me but I made it through the day. For us to get up north to my mom's place it is about a four hour drive. Drew can not drive long distance his legs cramp up on him so I do the driving.

Drew has been on vacation since last Wednesday, So it was not like he was losing time from work. I started my vacation when I got off of work Saturday.

We went up there to help my mom pack some of her things up into plastic bins to put into her storage shed. I had no idea we would be going through twenty other bins of hers to see what she wanted. This was all day Sunday that we did this. She has two sheds up by her house and one in town. Drew was bringing all the bins into the house so mom and I could go through them. By the time we had gotten done we had five boxes to take to Goodwill and four bins to take to her shed in town. So we made two trips into town one to Goodwill and one to moms shed. All of us were just so tired when we got back to the house.

The main reason we went up north was my mom wanted me to go and get a tea set that my great aunt had given me. This tea set my great aunt had was given to her for a wedding present from her parents. She told my grandma that was mine because I was the only niece that was closest to her. When she would come over she always called me her girlfriend.

Then on Monday we went to see Drew's family for a little while. We had a early dinner with his mom and dad, we went to see his sister at work. We had a really good time with his mom and dad. His dad made a roast on the grill we had potatoes and corn on the cob with it. It was really good.

On the way to their house I was seeing these butterflies on the road. They were sitting right on the road and I could not believe it. It was just thousand of them and I was hitting them with the car. I felt bad about hitting them because I love butterflies but just sitting on the road what am I suppose to do about that. They are called Red Admirl butterflies. On the way back to my moms they were still on the road and back to town also. I did have one hit my windshield too. Drew said I was having to much fun hitting them after awhile. Here is a picture of the butterfly.

After we took mom back to town I was able to see my son and granddaughter. I was so happy to see them. A week from tomorrow I will have my granddaughter here for a few days.

On the way home we ran into a couple storms but the worst storm was in Oshkosh because there was a parking lot that was flooded with cars in there. It was across the street from were we stop. It was really hot and humid when we left up north then it cooled down when we got to Oshkosh. Then when we got to Milwaukee it was really hot and humid again. The storm cooled it off up there.

We didn't get home until about ten thirty that night. Even though I had to go up there and help my mom out I really enjoyed myself. I am just happy to know my mom had what she wanted taken care of done and seeing Drew's family was great too. I hope his mom and dad are having a good time on there vacation they left yesterday.

Tonight we are going to Summerfest in this nasty heat. But plan on having a great time. We are meeting up with some friends we haven't seen in a couple of years. I will keep you up dated!♥


  1. Happy belated 4th July you guys! It's fun seeing relatives and loved ones usn't it?

  2. Yes it is to be able to the family. Happy belated 4th of July to you and your family HLiza!