Friday, July 6, 2012

Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden at Summerfest!

This was one very hot and humid day for a concert. It was 102 degrees outside and we were by Lake Michigan for the concert and we had very little breeze out there. The nice thing was we were able to bring in an unopened bottle of water with us.

This year Drew and I decided to take the shuttle bus from are area to Summerfest. I was so glad the bus was air conditioned. It was nice not to have to drive down there and deal with all the traffic. I was just watching out the window on the way there.

There was two shows that night. The first one was Alice Cooper and the show was so awesome. I used to have all of his albums. The curtain dropped and the band came out Alice Cooper came out on a pedestal singing Black Widow in a spider costume. He really knows how to make an entrance! To this day, He really knows how to get the audience going.  Here is the setlists to the concert:

1)  Black Widow
2)  Brutal Planet
3)  I'm Eighteen
4)  No More Mr. Nice Guy
5)  Hey Stupid
6)  Guitar Solo ( This was really awesome by a 27 year old girl)
7)  Billion Dollar Babies
8)  Feed My Frankenstein
9)  Poison
10) Wicked Young Man
11) I Love The Dead
12) School's Out

Yes, one awesome setlist of songs he sang. He did bring out the snake for No More Mr. Nice Guy. Then for Feed My Frankenstein he had a twenty foot robot Frankenstein looking like him come out. When he was singing  School's Out confetti and big balloons were coming down that was the last song. I was really enjoying listening to him and watching the show. This was one awesome show and it was the first time I seen him in concert. If he came back here I would go and see him again.

The second show was Iron Maiden. It was a good show and great music. I know some of the songs from Drew playing the cd's. But this band I really don't care for and I just can't place the reason why I don't. They really know how to get the crowd going also. I just could not believe it.

Here is the setlist for the show:

1)  Moonchild
2)  Can I Play With Madness
3)  The Prisoner
4)  2 Minutes to Midnight
5)  Afraid to Shoot Strangers
6)  The Trooper
7)  The Number of the Beast
8)  Phantom of the Opera
9)  Run to the Hills
10) Wasted Years
11) Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
12) The Clairvoyant
13) Fear of the Dark
14) Iron Maiden
15) Aces High
16) The Evil That Men Do
17) Running Free

Yes a long set of songs for the second show. I have to admit it was a great show and Drew said that is was a mixture of old and new music.

They said that they could only use two thirds of the stage set up. The stage set up, fire techno and the lighting was so awesome I couldn't believe it. We didn't need to see any fireworks that night we had it all on the stage. The lead singer had so much energy running all over on the stage I was trying to figure out how he could keep going like that.

During Run To The Hills they brought out a twenty foot robot called Eddie. This was really awesome watching him walk around the stage. The crowd was going crazy when he came out on stage.

Around the inside of the stage they had pictures going around similar to the cover of the Seventh Son album. That was really different to see. 

This was during the Iron Maiden song. I just wanted you to see the stage set up and see the top of it where the lead singer was running around.

What really amazed me was all the real young kids there that were more than half of our age. We had the kids on each side of us. They were getting into the music so much with head banging, swinging the arms and singing all the songs to both shows. I just could not believe it.

We did meet up with friends of ours and they did go to the show. We just had different seats but did meet up with them between the show and after the show. It was so great to see them again. We haven't seen each other for a couple of years.

I hope you enjoy reading this and feel free to leave any comments. I will be in touch with our next concert on Saturday and I can not wait for that one!♥

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