Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spring In Wisconsin Wildflowers 3!

Yes it has been a long time for me to get more of my wildflowers named. Last month and this month are really crazy times in this house. I have been going up north and then working, tomorrow I am going to get my granddaughter for the weekend.

I decided since I had today off of work to get some more pictures of my wildflowers posted for everyone.

I don't know if anyone knows right now we are in a drought here. All of the pictures I have taken in the spring that most of the flowers are gone already. We haven't had rain in about six weeks here. I am so glad we went out to get the pictures when we did.

This is a Compass Plant. It is really funny how we found this one. Drew had picked me up from work one day, we were going down Green Bay Rd. and Drew seen this flower and he turned the car around. We pulled on the side of the road so I could get a picture. At first we thought this was a Sunflower but then when I looked it up I found out it was a Compass Plant. If you look at the flower it is like a compass for the sun dial the way it is tilted up.

This is a Trumpet Creeper Vine. This is another really funny story how I got this picture. We had just left Sanders Park on our way home. On the corner by a stop light at Taylor and Wood Ave. I looked out my window and asked Drew what that was he said just a minute and turned the corner pulled by the curb so I could get a picture. I just could not believe this is growing on a electrical pole.

This is a Day Lily it was taken at Grant Park in South Milwaukee. Drew and I decided one day to take a trip out that way. We went for a walk by the beach and then Drew pulled on the side of the road at wanted to see if he could find any wildlife in the trees by the lake and he also found this flower for me. I noticed one thing with this flower, since we took the picture I have been seeing them all over now.

This is a Black Eyed Susan we seen it at Pritchard Park. Just driving through there looking around and I seen this so I took a picture of it. In this park we have seen baby Goslings so we would go and see how much they have grown.

These are Brown Eyed Susan taken at the Root River. Drew went for a walk here while I was at work one day and seen them. He took the picture for me. I was really surprised when I came home and he showed this picture to me.
I know some people get the two flowers mixed up. What I am talking about is the Black Eyed Susan and the Brown Eyed Susan. I almost did but then I looked how many pedals, the leaves and the difference with the brown center area of each flower. That is the only ways to figure out which one it is.

This is a Thistle Plant at Schoop Park. This was another day while I was at work and Drew went for a walk. This one was really hard to figure out what kind of plant it was. That is what happens when he goes for his walks and I am at work. But I do figure out what kind they are but it takes me awhile to do that. It is a very pretty plant too.

I hope you enjoy the crazy way we go out and look for wildflowers. I have to say one thing it is fun going out there and looking for the wildlife and the wildflowers. We take turns doing the driving and taking pictures. I hope all of you enjoy these pictures.

It will be awhile before I get to post anything on here. I will be getting my granddaughter for the weekend. Please feel free to leave any comments you would like. Thank you for reading this!♥

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