Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cheap Trick & Aerosmith Concert!

Last night we went to see Cheap Trick and Aerosmith. I can tell you this was one awesome rocking concert. I really enjoyed this concert more than the one we went to see Wednesday night.

The night started out with Cheap Trick taking the stage. Everyone got up on their feet for the first two songs. Then I could not believe it everyone sat down to watch the concert. That was really different for me at a concert. All the concerts I have been to you would stand to watch. Then for the last song everyone stood for the last song.

Here is the setlist for the concert:

1)  Clock Strikes Ten
2)  Elo Kiddies
3)  California Man
4)  Ain't That A Shame
5)  Sick Man Of Europe
6)  Baby Loves To Rock
7)  Need Your Love
8)  I Know What I Want
9)  Surrender
10) The Flame
11) I Want You To Want Me
12) Dream Police
13) Goodnight

This was an awesome set of songs that they played last night. There was a couple of songs I have never heard by them. I really like them too.

I know they had a smaller stage to perform on because of Aerosmiths equipment on there too. But one thing is the lead singer could have moved around more so the people in the seats on the side of the stage to see them more. Most of the time he was standing in the center of the stage. That was the only thing that was wrong for me.

The music was so awesome. The last song was "Goodnight" and Rick Nielsen came out with a five neck guitar. I never seen one like that and it was so awesome to see a guitar like that. My mouth probably dropped and I probably went bug eyed. The crowd was going crazy when he came out with that guitar.

Then after that song they introduced all the band members and said goodbye.

At intermission it was crazy long lines all over even the restrooms. I made it back to my seat just in time for the first song.

Yes it is time for Aerosmith to take the stage. I was waiting all night for this one and it was time. Everyone was on their feet screaming when Aerosmith took the stage.

I just can't believe how much energy Steven Tyler still has on the stage. He can not stand still when he is singing, he is all over the stage. There was a cat walk for him to walk down, he was back and forth on that.

Then as I was watching the show it is like Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are connected at the hip most of the time.

The song choices are awesome here it the list:

1)  Draw The Line
2)  Love In An Elevator
3)  Oh Yeah
4)  Livin' On The Edge
5)  Jaded
6)  S.O.S. (Too Bad)
7)  Last Child
8)  Drum Solo
9)  Lord Of The Thighs
10) Boogie Man
11) Combination
12) What It Takes
13) No More No More
14) Legendary Child 
15) Sweet Emotion
16) Mother Popcorn
17) Walk This Way
18) Dream On
19) Train Kept A-Rollin

It was one rockin, wild and crazy concert last night. Each of the band members had solo's it was Brad Whitford had a solo introducing "Last Child", Joey Kramer had his drum solo,Steven Tyler came to bang on the drums with him and then Joey was hitting the drums with his hands and his head, Joe Perry had his solo introducing "Boogie Men" and Tom Hamilton had his solo introducing "Sweet Emotion". All of these solo's were just so awesome. I could not believe it.

Steven had a bandana on and then during Oh Yea he throws it into the audience. 

There was one song I was hoping that they would play "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" but they never did play that one. That is all right, I enjoyed every song on the list. That is one of my favorites by them. I can tell you one thing I didn't miss one bit of the concert and I enjoyed every bit of it.

With the lights, music, Steven singing and the energy the whole band has makes you keep wanting more and the night never to end.

For the encore they brought a piano out on the cat walk for Steven to play with Dream On. The next thing you see is Joe Perry climbing on top of it playing his guitar. Then after the song Steven climbs up on top of the piano for Train Kept A-Rollin.

I can tell you this is one band I would go and see again. If they come to your city don't miss this concert it will be one to put in the books of a great concert.

Here is a song I found from the concert last night and I hope you enjoy reading this!♥


  1. I'm lucky to get tickets for Aerosmith from GoodSeatTickets just in time as I'll be able to watch both Cheap Trick & Aerosmith Concerts with a single ticket!

  2. You will really enjoy the show too. I just could not believe it myself when I was there. Please let me know what you thought of the show.

  3. What time did Aerosmith take the stage? We're going tonight - show starts at 8pm, but we don't want to see Cheap Trick. Thanks