Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crazy Things That Happen At Work!

I work at a grocery store, I am a cashier there. On August first I will have been there for a year. I have never seen such a turn around with employees coming and going.

Yesterday my supervisor was training four more people for cashiering. I could not believe that since I am only getting about thirteen hours a week right now. This is really crazy and I am looking for a new job.

In the mean time I figured I would give you some of the crazy stories about my last year working there. This place is really unbelievable and is good for a laugh.

We have to check I.D's for liquor with every customer. I get yelled at by all the elderly people. They say to me what do you mean you have to see my I.D. for this. I tell them I am sorry but is town ordinance and my register will not go any farther until I see an I.D.. Then they show it to me.

I had this one lady she had liquor also, I asked her for her I.D. and she said what are you talking about. I told her that I needed to see it for her liquor. She said I was asking for it to be racist. I told her that I am not racist that this is the town ordinance and we have to ask every customer that purchases liquor. She still called me racist and I asked her if she would like to talk to a manager. She said yes and I called the manager on duty and he came to the register and told the lady the same thing I did. She told my manager I was racist and he said no not this cashier she is not racist. He explained it again to the lady and she called both of us racist. He asked the lady nicely if she still would like to purchase the liquor and she said yes. He said we will need an I.D. then. She finally showed us her I.D. and said she is never shopping here again.

With dealing with this customer I had about five people in line after her with shopping carts full of groceries. So my manager stayed and bagged the groceries for me. He said that he was having a hard time keeping up with me.

Then on Wednesday's is the worst day with the elderly. I had this one elderly lady come through my line with her groceries. She was yelling at me saying some of what she had was on sale. I looked at my ad and there was nothing on sale that she was talking about. Our ads go from Thursday to Wednesday. I asked her if she was looking at the one that started on Thursday and she said no. So I had to call my manager and he came up there. The lady said I was being rued to her. The manager asked what she meant by that and she said I was telling her that she was wrong about the things on sale. He looked at what she was purchasing and he said that is all for Thursdays ad and she could not get the sale price until then. Then she yelled at him and said he was rued too. We both did apologize to the lady but demanded the sale price that day. We could not do that and she left with out buying anything.

I have these regular customers that come in when I am working. This one guy was in the line with the elderly lady and when he came up to the register he told my manager that I am never rued to any of the customers. The manager told him that he knows I am not rued and said that I always joke around with the customers and the employees. My manager said that I also give some of the managers a hard time too. The guy said you have to be joking. I said if I can't have a good time at work why work at that job.

Here is the best one of all. This happened about two weeks ago. I had a guy come in my line to purchase liquor. I asked him for his I.D. and he said why, so I told him the reason. He asked to talk to the manager. So I called my manager I explained what was happening. The guy said he does not have to show any kind of I.D. he is old enough to purchase the liquor. The manager said we know you are old enough but it is the town ordinance and we can not sell this to you with out seeing an I.D.. The manager voided out this sale because the guy wanted to talk to the police about this. He did not believe that this was true. The next thing I see is the guy handcuffed and the police walking him out. I asked my manager what was going on come to find out this guy had five warrants out for him. I was like how stupid this guy was to want to talk to the police if he knew about the warrants.

I had a girl come through my line she had a new born baby in the car seat on the front of the cart and a diaper bag in the back. I rang up what she was buying she paid for her groceries. Then I see security taking her to the office with the cart. The next customer in line was the girls mom and she asking me what is going on. I told the lady I have no idea that I can call the manger up and she can ask him. So I called my manager he came up and told the lady to go with him and they will find out together. I found out she was stealing about sixty dollars in groceries it was in the diaper bag under the diapers.

I have to ask every customer if that is everything out of their carts. This girl said yes it was, I am not allowed to go around the counter and go through a diaper bag. The store did press charges on this girl and she did have to do time in jail. There has been a lot of customers that have gone through my line and have tried to steal but have been caught. I have no idea until I see them going to the office.

I was saying earlier about the regulars that come into the store. It is nice to see them because you know you have someone to joke around with, especially when you are having a bad day at work. On a Friday I had the day off and I went to work to get my check and get next weeks work schedule. I came out from the back of the store getting my schedule and one of the guys I joke around with was in the store. He said that I was not in my work clothes to be there. I told him that is because I had the day off and he said I am not allowed to have a day off when he is in the store. I told him he will have to deal with who was up front on the registers. He told me he wanted me to be up there so he had someone to pick on. I said he is picking on me now so that should be good enough. One of the guys in the meat department said that he was glad he wasn't the only one I pick on. My daughter was with and she told both of them that this is how I am at home to with her and my boyfriend. They both said they were glad I was like this all the time.

When was on vacation and when I went back to work some of the people thought I quit my job. I said no I was on vacation, I said what did you miss me. A couple of them said yea because no one was picking on me and I said oh poor baby. Then they would said yea you are back.

I hope you enjoy what I deal with at work. Feel free to leave a comment!♥

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