Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Daughter Visited UW Whitewater Today!

My youngest daughter was not able to go to a University last year she was really upset about that. She had to go to Gateway Tech for one year to bring her grade point average up. She has been working really hard this year to do that and she has done it. We are so proud of her.

So she has applied to four University's this year. She was excepted to three of the four. These are the ones she has been excepted to
Parkside in Kenosha, UW Milwaukee and UW Whitewater.

Last year we went to tour Parkside and she really liked that one. Today we went to tour UW Whitewater this campus is really big. I really didn't think it would be this big.

The people taking you on the tour are really nice and answered any questions that you had. I was asking a lot of questions because I just wanted to know certain things for her. Things like about housing for her, enrollment fees, bus service for shopping, jobs on campus for her and tutors for help with homework. They answered every question to help me out with my decision, they were really nice about it too.

While we were there I seen a lot of police riding in blazers, riding on bikes and walking around the campus today. Yes I know it is St. Patrick's day but that made me feel better about it all. When we were leaving going by the sorority houses you seen a lot of parties going on. It just amazed me how many kids were out there.

On the way home my daughter was talking about the college and asking us questions about it. I let her know what questions I asked and the answers I got from them. She was happy I let her know.

One thing we found out that they are starting this year is with the westside housing they will be getting free meals. I thought that was really nice to let us know.

They have the three majors that she would like to go to college for Marine Biology, Acting and Psychology.  

When we stopped for lunch she asked Drew and I what we thought of the college. Drew and I both told her we thought that was the one we think she should go to because they offer all she wants to major in. We told her that it was up to her we could not tell her what to do.

To the right is a picture of the housing building. We could not go inside to look at it. There was certain buildings you could tour. The buildings you could tour are sports building, business building, art building and student service center. It was an hour tour and a lot of walking.

She decided this is the University she wants to go to. She started getting everything filled out on line tonight. In May we have to go back so she can pick out her classes and talk to the adviser. She is so happy about all of this tonight and can not stop talking about any of it. We are going to help her out and pay the housing fee to hold a room for her. I am just glad she got into the college she wants to go to. My mom was suppose to come down here this weekend to got with us but could not make it. I know my mom will be very happy for her too. With my daughter happy about this we are very happy for her.

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