Friday, March 23, 2012

American Idol Top 9!

Yes last night one of these contestants to the right went home last night.

This week the theme for the songs was Billy Joel. Yes all of the contestants had to pick a song by Billy Joel and there are a lot of songs to chose from.

The mentor for this week was P-Diddy. There was also a fashion mentor that was Tommy Hill.

Wednesday night what each contestant sang and what I thought of their performance.

Deandre- He sang "Only The Good Die Young"- He did a good job with the song.

Erika- She sang "New York State of Mind"- She did a great job with the song but the new look I did not like.

Joshua- He sang "She's Got Away"- Not bad I did like it.

Skylar- She sang "Shameless"- I thought her performance for this song was great. I really liked it.

Elise- She sang "Vienna"- Awesome job.

Phil- He sang "Movin' Out"- This was an awesome job with the song and he made it his own again.

Hollie- She sang "Honesty"- I think she did a really great job with this song.

Heejun- He sang "My Life"- I really like how he came out and just ripped the jacket and shirt off and was himself. This was really awesome for him to do.

Jessica- She sang "Everybody Has a Dream"- I was alright but I think this was more of a safety net for her.

Colton- He sang "Piano Man"- This was an awesome song for him and he did an awesome job with it too.

Randy said it that night about the contestants making the songs their own.

Thursday night-

All the contestants came out and sang "For The Longest Time".
Hailey came back on the show and she sang one of her songs "Free". This was an awesome song by her.
Casey from last season was in the audience.
Lana Delrey sang and she was alright. I did not catch the name of her song.
Joe Perry from Areosmith showed up and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Steven. His birthday is this weekend.

The Results are-

Skylar- Safe
Hollie- Safe
Elise- Safe
Deandre-  Bottom Three
Joshua- Safe
Jessica- Safe
Phil- Safe
Colton- Safe
Erika- Bottom Three
Heejun- Bottom Three

Bottom Three are-
 Deandre- Safe
Heejun- Safe
Erika- Had to sing to stay.  She sang "I Believe" and she had to go home.

I would like to know what you thought of the show. Please leave your comments.
Thank you for taking your time to read this!♥

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