Saturday, March 10, 2012

American Idol Top 12!

Yes as of Thursday night one more has gone home. I did watch both nights to see how everyone had done.

On Wednesday night the guys had to sing a song by Stevie Wonder and the girls had to sing a song by Whitney Houston.

Right now it is called the girls verse the guys.

Here is what each of them sang and how I thought they did-

Joshua- He sang " I Wish" this was not one of his better performances but it was a good one.

Elise- She sang " I'm Your Baby Tonight" it was alright not the greatest.

Jermaine- He sang " Knock Me Off My Feet" I think it was a really good performance by him and he did really good for his deep voice on it.

Erika- She sang " I Believe In You and Me" this was one of best performances she did a great job.

Colton- He sang " Lately" he did a great job with this song.

Shannon- She sang " I Have Nothing" this was not one of her best performances. She could have done a lot better with this song.

Deandre- He sang " Master Blaster" he did a great job with this song.

Skylar- She sang " Where Do Broken Hearts Go" She did a awesome job with her song. With her you can tell what ever song you give her to sing she will be able to sing it.

Heejun- He sang " All In Love is Fair" he did a good job with this song.

Hollie- She sang " All The Men That I Need" she did a really good job with this song.

Jeremy- He sang " Ribbon in the Sky" he could have done a lot better. This was not his best performance at all.

Jessica- She sang " Will Always Love You" this is the hardest song to sing by Whitney Houston and she did an awesome job with it. This is the best I have ever heard it sang. She is the one to beat right now.

Phil- He sang " Superstitious" this was an awesome job because he made sang it his own way. He is another one to try to beat this year.

Thursday night:

The way this elimination is going to go is, America gets to pick the bottom one of the girls and guys then the judges get to pick who is going home.

All the contestants sang together at the beginning of the show.

The runner up from last year Lauren Alaina came to sing her single " Georgia Peaches". Right now she is touring with Jason Aldeen.

Mary J. Blige was the mentor this week and she also sang her song " Why".

Ok this is what you are waiting for the people that were safe this week are:


The bottom three:

Girls                           Guys
Elise                           Jermaine
Erika                          Jeremy
Shannon                     Joshua

The ones that were safe out of this was:


The ones that the judges had to pick from are:

Shannon and Jeremy

The one that had to go home was:

I would like to here your comments about the show. I think the judges made a good choice this week. Thank you for taking your time to read this!♥


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