Friday, March 16, 2012

American Idol Top 10!

Yes as of last night it is the top 10 contestants. They will be the ten going on tour this summer.

A lot has happened on the show this week and I will tell you all about it.

Wednesday Night-

There was one contestant that was eliminated before the show aired Wednesday. That was Jermaine and the reason he was eliminated is he has four warrants out for him, two of the warrants is for giving fake names. The producers of the show found out about this and questioned him. Jermaine told them it is true and asked him why he didn't tell them, he said he was afraid to tell them.

The mentor this week was Will I Am.

The music they had to pick was from the year the contestants were born. I have the years for each of them.

Here is the year they were born, the song they chose and what I thought of the performances-

Phil- Born 1990, he sang "Hard to Handle" it was an awesome performance he can sing anything. He also had surgery on Tuesday and still was there to perform.

Jessica- Born 1995, she sang "Turn the Beat Around" she did a great job with the song.

Heejun- Born 1989, he sang "Right Here Waiting" it was all right not his best.

Elise- Born 1983, she sang "I'm So in Love With You" this week she did a lot better. She was in here zone this week.

Deandre- Born 1994, he sang "Endless Love" not to bad he could have done a lot better.

Shannon- Born 1995, she sang "One Sweet Day" for some reason she has not been doing her best lately. I know she could have done a lot better.

Colton- Born 1991, he sang "Broken Heart" this was a great performance by him. He knows how to make the song his own. He also went out for dinner with Daughtry this week.

Erika- Born 1985, she sang "Heaven" she did an awesome job with the song. I really like her voice.

Skylar- Born 1994, she sang "Love Sneaking up on You" for some reason you can give her any song and she can sing her heart out and she knows how to make it her own.

Joshua- Born 1992, he sang "When a Man Loves a Woman" he did an awesome job with this song.

Hollie- Born 1993, she sang "Power of Love" she did a great job with the song.

Thursday Night-

Daughtry performed his song "Outta My Mind". I really like this song. I do like some of his music.

Debbie Lovato performed her song "Give Your Heart A Break". It was alright I really don't know her music.

Here are the results for the contestants-

The bottom three-

Elise, Shannon and Erika

The contestants going on tour-


Shannon was not safe and she had to sing for the judges to see if they would use the one and only save for her. They did not use that save and she had to go home.

I would really like to hear what you thought of the show. Please leave your comments and thank you for taking your time to read this!♥

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