Friday, March 30, 2012

American Idol Top 8!

Yes tonight another contestant is going to leave.

The contestants will be singing a song from their idols.

They will also being singing in groups of three tonight.

Stevie Nicks is a mentor tonight, also Jordon Sparks and Dionne Warwick was in the audience tonight.

Wednesday Night-

Here are the songs, the artists of the songs and what I thought of the performances:

Colton- He sang "Everything by Lighthouse. This was an awesome performance.

Skylar- She sang "Gun Powder and Lead" by Miranda Lambert. She did an excellent performance.

Heejun- He sang "Song for You" by Leon Russell. This was alright he did do a good job with the song. 

Hollie- She sang "Jesus Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood. This was an awesome performance for her.

Deandre- He sang "Sometimes I Cry" by Eric Benet. This was really different by him and he did alright.

Jessica- She sang "Sweet Dreams" by Beyonce'. She did a good job with the song.

Joshua- He sang "Without You" by Miriah Carey. He did a great job with the song.

Elise- She sang "Whole Lottta Love" by Led Zeppelin. This was an awesome job with a great song. This is the hardest song to do tonight. But she pulled it out.

Phil- He sang "Still Raining" by Johnny Lang. This was an awesome performance and one of his best ones.

The Trios songs:

Colton, Elise and Phil sang songs by Fleetwood Mac- Edge of 17, Don't Stop and Landslide. The did an awesome job with these songs.

Deandre, Heejun and Joshua sang songs by Michael Jackson- Lady in my Life, Feel the Heat and PYT. The did a good job with the songs.

Skylar, Hollie and Jessica sang songs by Madonna- Like a Prayer, Border Line and Express Yourself. The did a great job with the songs.

They all sang like they are there to win tonight and gave their all with the songs tonight. They really surprised me.

Thursday Night-

Nikki Minja sang "Starship". I don't know the song.

Scotty McCreery sang "Water Tower Town". I really like this song. He was also presented with a Platinum Album Award for his Clear as Day Album. The award was presented on stage by Jimmy.

On with the contests:

Elise- Safe
Phil- Safe
Hollie- Bottom Three
Colton- Safe
Joshua- Safe
Heejun- Bottom Three
Skylar- Bottom Three
Deandre- Safe
Jessica- Safe

Bottom Three-
Hollie- Safe
Skylar- Safe
Heejun- Had to sing one more time to see if he can get the save. But he had to go home. 

They also did mention that Aerosmith is going on tour this summer the tour is called "Blobal Warming". The will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Summerfest.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and feel free to leave your comments.

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