Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Living With People That Have ADD!

Yes I know how it is to live with people that have ADD. It is not easy at all. You do need a lot of patients with them.

They start doing to many things at one time and forget what they start. If you ask them to do something while they are busy they will not hear you sometimes. It is hard for them to sit still like to watch a movie, do homework or write on the computer. To many things going through their head.

Then some things they do not remember only the things that mean the most to them. They will ask you the same question sometimes two hours later. They need to ask you a question right away or they will forget what they wanted to ask  you or wanted to tell you. They refuse to write it down on a piece of paper so they do not forget.

I am going to let you know about my kids and Drew. These are totally different types of ADD that I do deal with on a daily basis.

My son when he was in middle school is when I found out he had ADD. He was a slow learner also, we had to put him in a smaller class size. The teachers were wonderful they would explain everything to me whenever I wanted to know what was happening with my son. My son's ADD was with school work, to much moving around him and would think about different things all the time. He always wanted me to answer questions right away or talk to me right away so he would not forget what he wanted to talk about. My son is 25 years old now and has a six month old daughter and I hope the baby does not have ADD.

My youngest daughter was in high school when I found out she had ADD. She is not as bad as her brother.  Her's is keeping her mind on school work and having questions answered right away or wanting to talk to me right away. She does forget when I ask her to do something for me if I do not write it down for her. She will also ask me what days I work like two or three times a day. Like last night she wanted me to help her fill out some papers for college and she wanted it done right away. I was trying to relax and talking to Drew at the time. Some of her problem is she does need to grow up some more she is to demanding like her father and she has to get that out of her. She is in college now and is doing great.

Drew has ADD also his is totally different then my kids. He has to keep busy or he gets bored to easy. Some things are hard for him to remember and some are not, he can remember every album he has but can't remember to pick something up on the way home from work. I can call him on my break or lunch when I am at work and ask him to do something for me and he will forget because he does something else. He has a lot of things going through his head that he wants to write or do. One thing I can say he has not forgotten is my birthday for the two years that we have been together. But if I am having a bad day at work he will hear me and then when I get home there will be a single rose lying on the bed for me. I can tell you this much if it has to do with music or something he loves he will remember everything. He is a very sweet man and just wants me to be happy.

Yes even though I grow through all of this on a daily basis I would not change one thing. I love all three of them so much and I would not ask them to change one thing about themselves for me. I have learned how to deal with each one of them in their different ways. Yes it was an adjustment for me but I did it because of how much I love them. I also have done it because I want to make everyone happy.

I would like to hear if someone else goes through the same thing. Thank you for taking your time to read this!♥

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