Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mr. Sound Effects Wes Harrison!

My only day off of work in a eight day week, Drew and I went thrift store shopping on Saturday. This is what we like to do because we can always find real good bargains.

Well this time I really found something I thought I would never see again. Yes this album of Mr. Sound Effects Wes Harrison and I got the album for only a dollar. The one and only time I seen him was at the Wisconsin Dells during a Tommy Bartlet Water Ski Show. This was over twenty years ago that I had seen him. He is really funny and I really enjoyed his show. My son was only three years old and he was sitting there laughing and enjoying the show.

He was in two wars, World War II and the Koren War. When he got out he went to the Aurthur Godfrey talent show and won. Ted Mack gave him his start in the show business, he started to appear on a lot of t.v. shows like Ed Sullivan, Merv Griffin and Dean Martin. He has also done some sound effects for Disney  and MGM shows like Tom and Jerry, Peter Pan and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

I lost this album after my divorce and never thought I would see it again and then I found it. I was so happy when I found this album, I had to listen to it Saturday night when we got home. You should have seen Drew's face listening to it, the looks were priceless. I was sitting there laughing while I was listening to it.

On the album he has The Big Duck Hunt, Odds and Ends, Take a Train and Wes' Car. When you hear this you would not believe what he has done to people. Here are a couple of things from the album- On his car he put a speaker behind the grill and made train sounds going down the street, in a traffic jam he made sounds of a galloping horse with a police officer two cars in front of him, he got kicked off of two planes for making train sounds. He puts on one awesome show.

If you enjoy comedy like this it is a album to get.

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  1. http://www.mrsoundeffects.com/index.htm

    HUGE fan here, too! Wish I'd have been the lucky one to find that gem of a recording, and at that price, too. I must have seen Wes around the same time, same place and I too had the album rather than the cassette tape, and I too lost it somewhere. I posted Wes' website link as you can still apparently purchase his recordings. However, this dates back to 2008 so...?