Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Revue on Van Halen Album 1984

I was thinking about doing this album for a long time. I remember when this album came out. I went to the store and bought it. I was married at the time and my now ex husband was mad at me for going and buying the album. I told him I had to have it.

This is the last album David Lee Roth is on. The following spring he left the band. To me he thought he was the gift to woman but not for me.

This album went ten times platinum in the United States. It also sold over ten million copies. This is a great album for the band. The review scores for this album is all five stars.

Yes the earlier albums are good to. But I wanted to do a revue on this one with it being David Lee Roth's last album with the band. I also like this album.

Here is what I think of all the songs-

1984- This is a instrumental intro into the album. It is alright but really short for me.

Jump- I love the music in the beginning it makes you want to just get up and start to dance. I know this song is way over played but it is still a really good song. It is a really good song and was number one.

Panama- This is another good song and I really like this one too. The music in this song is awesome and yes I know this song is another over played song for them. But you have to really listen to not only the lyrics but the music they put into it.

Top Jimmy- This one is really different to the band. I like this song you just have to really sit and listen to the song.

Drop Dead Legs- This is a little slower song for them. But is still a good song I like it.

Hot For Teacher- The way they start this one off is awesome with the drums then the guitar. I really like this song.

I'll Wait- I really like this song. It is a little slower song too. But it is a good song.

Girl Gone Bad- The music on this is awesome I really like the beginning. But not one I would listen to all the time.

House Of Pain- The music on this is good but not a song I would always listen to.

This is an awesome album. I really like it a lot. Four of the songs were on the billboard top 100 list. The songs are Jump, Panama, I'll Wait and Hot For Teacher. I would really like to hear what you think of this album. Yes I am leaving you with a video. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

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