Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Revue on Bob Seger!

Yes it has been a very long time since I did  a revue on a singer. Yes I have been doing albums but not about them. So I decided to do one on Bob Seger. I like his music very much.

Bob Seger born on May 6th, 1945 in Dearborn Michigan. He was raised by his mom and dad and has a brother named George.  At age six they moved to Ann Arbor Michigan. Then at age ten his father walked out on them and his dad moved to California. Left his mom to raise both of them.

Bob did attend school and he did graduate high school. While in high school he was on the track and field team.

He is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and a pianist. He does write songs for other artist. Bob Seger was inspired by Little Richard, Elvis and James Brown. He recorded songs that dealt with blue-collar worker theme. 

In 1961 Bob had a three piece band called Decibels. Bob was on the guitar, piano, keyboards and lead vocals. Peter Stanger was on guitar. H.B. Hunter was on Drums.

Here is a list of the other bands Bob Seger was in-
The Town Criers
Doug Brown and The Omens
Last Heard
The Bob Seger System
Then he went Solo
The Silver Bullet Band in 1973

In 1973 Bob went back to Detroit to form the Silver Bullet Band. Then in 1974 with The Silver Bullet Band they released the album Seven. In 1975 they released Beautiful Loser. In 1976 they released Live Bullet this album had Turn The Page on it. In 1978 Bob co-wrote Heartache Tonight for the Eagles and this single went to number one.

In 1980 he released Against The Wind, 1981 he released Nine Tonight. This had three albums. This album sold over five million copies. In 1983 the song Old Time Rock and Roll was in the movie Risky Business starring Tom Cruise. In 1984 he wrote and recorded Understanding for the film soundtrack Teachers. In 1986 he wrote and recorded Living Indide My Heart for the film and soundtrack About Last Night starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore.

In 2001 the song Old Time Rock and Roll was named one of the songs of the century. In 2004 Bob Seger was Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2009 he released what we thought might be his last album called Early Seger Vol 1. In 2010 he was on one of Kid Rocks album Born Free. He on it along with Sheryl Crow, Zack Brown Band, Martina McBride and many others. In 2011 he does have a new album coming out or it may already be out called Downtown Train.

He does have to tour dates for in November. I can't believe it he has been singing since 1961 to the present and he is still going strong. Yes there are some songs that I do not like but most of his music is really good. If you are really a true fan you have his albums. Unless like for me my ex sold all my albums. So now I have to try to get them back some how.

I would really like to hear what you have to say about my revue. I am like always going to leave you with a video. Thank you for taking your time and reading this.


  1. Bob Segar on tour again? That would be sweet if he came around to Milwaukee..

  2. Yes it would be and if he came here that would be one awesome show to go and see. He has so much awesome music.