Friday, August 26, 2011

Back To School!

I can't believe it is this time of the year already. It seems like we didn't even have a summer again. I don't know if it is me or not but it just seems like the summer's are going really fast these days and the winter's are just hanging around a lot longer.

I am just so happy that I don't have to buy school supplies for all three of my kids anymore. I do have my youngest daughter to get it for. She is going to be starting her first year of college next month. She can't wait to start her classes. She is still living with my boyfriend and I but she is going to a Technical College. She knows what she wants to major in for her degree. I am so proud of her.

She had a really hard time in high school but she did graduate back in June. It was really nice to see my youngest to graduate but sad at the same time.

My boyfriend and I also have his son going back to school he is going to be a freshman in high school. He is looking forward to going to high school but he also had a hard time last year in school. He starts school next week. Last week I took him and his mom to the high school to get his class schedule. He has a busy schedule and I pray he will make sure all his work is turned in this year.

Yesterday was my day off of work and I spent it doing back to school shopping. So much for me relaxing and getting the house cleaned. I went school shopping for two kids and I couldn't believe how much I spent when I got to the checkout. I know one thing I did good was bought a whole box of spiral notebooks. Kids go through them so fast with writing notes and drawing instead of using it for there school work. I also can't believe that the kids in high school need a scientific calculator for math classes. When never could use a calculator in high school. The calculators are not cheap either.  This is the time it is cheaper then later paying regular price.

I know one other thing is when the kids get into the higher grades they need less supplies. I remember when my kids were in grade school and I spent twice as much for school supplies.

I hope everyone is done with there back to school shopping. I know I just can't wait until the kids are back in school so I don't hear I am bored anymore from the kids. I would like to hear your comments about this.

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