Friday, August 19, 2011

This Happened At My Work Yesterday!

I had no idea this was going to happen at work yesterday. When one of the guys told me this was going on I was about to laugh. There was one girl and four guys.

Yes this is what you would see at a baseball game. I never thought I would see this at my job. I asked the  guy that was walking in front of them if he was going to cook them later and he said yes.

They had to walk around inside the store and outside the store from 10am to 2pm. People were coming to take pictures of them. One of the guys mom came to take pictures and I asked him to send the picture to my email so I could write this.

One little girl was screaming when her mom took her to close to them. I thought that was really sad because she didn't know what was going on. The little girl only looked like she was two year old.

I just couldn't believe the people that came to checkout say that the reason they came in the store was to see them. I was so shocked. One guy waited until they came off a break to see them and get a picture. I will tell you one thing the store made money with the people that came to see them.

When they went to go outside they had to bend in half to get out the doors. I was laughing so hard when I seen that. People were giving them hugs along with the pictures. It was so neat to watch them. They had a lot of fun doing that too.

I just wonder what is going to happen next at work!♥


  1. They sparked fun to the atmosphere! Too bad not all kids can appreciate people wearing mascots or even clowns..I know some kids who just got terrified when they see clowns..can't blame them though. Nice to have some fun while you work..

  2. Bent sausage...not for the squeamish...*snicker snicker* :P

  3. HLiza- I was having fun teasing them at work that day. When I was on break and they came into the break room with the outfits off they asked me why I said that. I said I just wanted to see what the guy would say to me. You should have seen there faces. It was funny. I know a lot of kids are terrified of things like that because the parents tease them about it from watching the t.v. too. My ex husband tease my youngest daughter about stuff like that even the Halloween masks. I had to try to tell her that someone is in there. Then she was alright. My ex husband thought it was funny.

    Drew- Are you one of the squeamish?