Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Revue on John Mellencamp Album American Fool!

Yesterday I was going through so many albums to figure out which one to write about. So I have not wrote about John Mellencamp at all yet so I decided to write about this album. Yes this is before he changed his last name. This is an awesome album by him.

I remember when this album came out and I went to get it. I really like this album a lot. I was listening to it and my dad told me to turn it off. He didn't like the music at all. So when I would listen to the album I had the volume down real low so it would not bother him.

Here is what I think of each song on the album-

Hurt So Good- This is one of my favorites on this album. I know it has been over played but a great song. Just the beat of the music makes me want to dance.

Jack & Diane- This is another great song on the album and another of my favorites. The beginning with just the music is so good. It also tells you about a relationship. Listen to the drums that is great.

Hand To Hold On To- This is a really good song. I really like this song a lot. He has a way with his songs to get you to really like them.

Danger List-  This one I really don't care for. I don't know why but I don't.

Can You Take It- This is another one I really don't care for.

Thundering Hearts- This song is not bad I do like it. It is really different not like an other kind you would hear. The music is great.

China Girl- I really like this song. The music is great on this song and it is a little slower almost like a ballad.

Close Enough- I love the beginning of this song it is really different. This is a really good song I do like it.

Weakest Moments- This is a ballad song. Not to bad of a song but not one of his best on the album.

American Fool- The title track of the album is a great song. I really like this one.

I don't know what is is about him. I just love his music it is great music by him. I don't know if is something about his voice or the music that I really like or if it is a combination of both. He has a lot of great music out there. I would really like to hear what you think about his album so please leave your comments. I am leaving you with a video.


  1. There's some John Mellencamp I dig and some I don't. I've heard him described as a Midwestern answer to Bruce Springsteen (although I think Bob Seger is more deserving of such a distinction) and based on his lyrics, I can understand the comparison. The music however is a bit too mellow and laidback imho to be compared to Springsteen.

    Mellencamp that I dig:
    I Need a Lover (I also really dig Pat Benatar's version)
    Jack and Diane
    Hurts so Good
    Dance Naked
    R-O-C-K in the USA

  2. No I think John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen have there own sound to there music. They are nothing alike. I don't think he was looking for that hard rock type of music. I really like those songs you put on here too. Like I said he has a lot of really good music.

    As for Bob Seger I am going to be doing one of his album's tomorrow. I really like his music too. He has some awesome music.