Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bears Week #2

Yes the Bears lost against the Saints final score was 30 - 13. This was one of their worst games. I know that it is only the second game of the season. This was a really sad game today.

The offense has to protect Cutler more. What I heard during the game was last year he was sacked 56 times. This was the highest number of sacks for last season. The Saints sacked Cutler six times during the game which shouldn't have happened if he had the protection he should of had.

The one I thought wouldn't be with it for the game was Urlacher. Because of his mom passing away earlier in the week. But he was there one hundred percent.

The Bears defense was really good today. They did keep the Saints from getting touchdowns and having to kick a few field goals. 

Next week we have the Packers to worry about. I just hope that the Bears straighten up and the offense coach get them on track for the game. I do not want to see the Packers win next week.

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