Friday, September 2, 2011

Football Season Is Here!

Yes the preseason is over and next week will start the regular season. I have been watching the games on t.v..  Every year a friend and I will pick the teams we think will win every week. We do this for fun and I really like doing it. Last year my boyfriend was doing it with us. My boyfriend won the season. My son was doing it with us too. But he didn't do it every week.

Last night I was watching two games on t.v.. The Bears vs Browns game and also the Packers vs Kansas City. I was going between the two games. It was really interesting to watch both games.

The Bears game they won 24-14 and it was a really good game. I couldn't believe it. It looks like this is going to be a good season for them. I know that for preseason they are at 2-2. I know that they had some new players in there but I just hope they make the right picks for the season so we have a good team this year. I know that it is hard to try to get the right player for the season. We will just have to wait and see what the season brings us.

You should have heard me last night just cheering on the Bears. I was so excited that I think I was driving my boyfriend crazy. When they made the last touchdown I was yelling go go. Just wait until the regular season starts. My boyfriend is a Packers fan and I am a Bears fan. We have fun picking on each other during the season. Yes when the Bears and Packers games are on it is so much fun between us.
Then I was also watching the Packers vs Kansas City. This was a gut wrenching game. When they put the third string in there it was really bad. That is when the Packers started to get their butts whipped. They won by the skin of their teeth 20-19. For preseason they are at 3-1. They should have kept Flynn in there. Rodgers and Flynn are the two best QB's for the Packers. The third string wasn't even keeping the QB covered.

The defense was a lot better than the offense. I thought I was watching a circus last night.   I will never say anything bad about any team but last night I just could not believe what I was seeing with the Packers. I just hope next week they have it together when they go against New Orleans.

I will be doing weekly post on the Bears games. My boyfriend does a post on the Packers games. I hope everyone enjoys the regular season games. I just can't wait to see how the season goes this year.


  1. Being a HUGE Packer fan, I'll look for forward to your Bears posts. Bwahahaha! Care to go far a bet this year?

    Honestly, may the best team win! And good luck!

  2. Being a Browns fan, I was cheering them on for that game. The Bears may be my favorite NFC team, but I'm more of an AFC guy. So the Browns are the one team I'll cheer against the Bears for.

    Even though the Browns lost I was encouraged that it wasn't a total blowout and I'm looking forward to this season. Their first 2 opponents are the Cincinnati "Bungles" and the Peyton Manning-less Colts... They've got a legit shot to start their season 2-0!

  3. Drew- You are on for the Bears vs Packer games. Name your bet!

    Perplexio- I have to say that was a good game. I am glad I have someone on my side with the Bears. I am looking forward to seeing how all the teams do this year.