Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bears Week #1

Opening season game was an awesome game. Chicago's offensive and defense was on fire today. The Bears offense and defense overwhelmed the Falcons today.

1st quarter- Urlacher was on fire. He got an interception that ended up being a 56 yard touchdown. The defense was keeping the Falcons way from making any touchdowns.

2nd quarter- Both defense teams were doing really good and didn't get any real good runs.

3rd quarter- There was a 55 yard run just inside the one yard line and resulted in a touchdown. Then there was a fumble and Urlacher ran it in for a touchdown.

4th quarter- Looked like a fight was going to start between the teams. The Falcon quarterback got sandwiched between two Bear players.

After first quarter the offense started to protect Cutler so he could start getting good plays going. The whole team was on fire today and had a great game. 

Like I said this was an awesome game to watch. My eyes were glued to the t.v. watching the game. I would say to the Bears are the Monster's of the Midway. The final score was Bears 30- Falcons 12.

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