Monday, September 26, 2011

Bears Week #3

Yes the Bears lost to the Packers 27 - 17. This was a real upset to all the Bears players and fans.

I was at work for the first quarter so I don't know what all happened there.

But I was home for part of the second quarter and all I seen was a lot of dropped passes on the offense line. That was really sad.

I thought after half time they would come back and play as a team. But that did not happen. The defense was there after half time but the offense wasn't. They really do need to get it together and play as a team.

Then in the fourth quarter Ulacher got an interception and I thought they would get a touchdown with that. The other thing that happened was the touchdown that was brought back. I didn't know it was called a fair catch at first until my boyfriend told me.

This was a really disappointing game for me to watch. I hope they get it together soon.

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