Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday To My Granddaughter!

A year ago today my Granddaughter was born at 1:35 am. My son's girlfriend went in to labor the day before and it made for one long day at the hospital. But in the end we have one beautiful Granddaughter.

I remember my son calling me asking if I was going to go up to Shawano, Wi to be there when she was born. I told him I had to talk to Drew about it. My son kept calling every half hour and kept saying mom I want you here or  I need you here. So we made the trip up there and we stayed there with him until she was born.

I can tell everyone one thing I am the proudest Grandma and I am so proud of my son he is such a good Dad with her. When she see's her Daddy that is all she wants is to be with her Daddy.

This last year having her in our lives has been a blessing. When we see her it is like she just lights up our lives with her smiles, laughing and just being a very happy little girl. Now she is walking and getting into everything, when I seen that I was just so happy.

At the birthday party I was really surprised to see my ex-father-in-law there. He lives down in Illinois and he made the trip up there for her first birthday. I was so happy to see him and see he is doing really good. My two older kids were just as happy to see him. My youngest daughter didn't make it to the birthday party because we moved her to college.

The party was just great and we had a great time with everyone. She got spoiled with a lot of gifts from everyone and Grandpa and I bought her a little rocking horse that she just loves to play on. She did not want to get off of it.

Then it was time for the cake and she tried so hard to blow out the candle. It was so cute how she just kept trying. I didn't know that you can get a separate little personal cake for the kids now. That is what she had and did she make a mess out of it. 

Just like any little kid with there first cake making a mess. All I can say to my son was have fun cleaning her up. She was having so much fun eating her cake she always had a smile on her face eating it. I think she was getting a real sugar high eating the cake because she was just eating all the frosting more than the cake.

I just want to say HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY to my Granddaughter. Grandpa and Grandma love you very much!♥


  1. Oh she is the cutest thing ever! Happy birthday to her.. it's a real delight to see an adorable baby that belongs to your own child! Hug her for me!

  2. HLiza Thank you and when I see her next I will hug her for you.

  3. Oh, there's nothing like grandchildren, right?! She's adorable--I can see why she's the light of your life!

  4. Linda Lou- I could not miss her first birthday. She is the light of our lives. You are right saying there's nothing like grandchildren. Thank you!