Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NFL So Called Replacement Officials!

I have been seeing a lot of very bad calls with the so called replacement officials since preseason of football. This is getting so bad that a lot of people are starting to say they are not going to be watching football anymore. I found out a lot of information from a friend at work today. The people that are the refs right now only had two weeks of training before preseason, also they have regular jobs like us. What gives them the right to even be on the field with the NFL players if they do not have any experience.

Since regular season there has been so many bad calls on all the teams. This is really getting bad and the NFL really needs to get the original officials out there to do their job and end the lockout with them. Yes I know that they also have some bad calls but not this bad. The NFL needs to come to an agreement with them real quick so this stops already.

I was watching last nights Monday Night Football game it was the Packers and the Seahawks. This game was really bad from the beginning with the calls. Aaron Rodgers was sacked about eight times and some of them should have been penalties. Then the refs could not get the players numbers right when they did call a penalty. The first half was mainly an all defense game. I have to say that part was really good with the way the defense did play. But the offense did a bad job protecting Aaron Rodgers.  Then the second half was like the Packers are back.

This is the main reason I am writing this post. The last call of the game in which the Packers lost the game. The picture below show two refs calling to different things. One is saying touchdown and the other is saying touch back.This was the worst call they could have made for the season everyone could see in the replay last night that clearly the Packers had the ball. But yet they called it that the Seahawks won the game. They only looked at the replay for a couple minutes and made that call. If this was up to me to say I would say these refs are paid off by the other team with the way they made the calls last night.

 To let people know I grew up in Illinois and I am a Bears fan. But when I see something wrong like this last night I will stick up for the right team. Right now I am sticking up for all the NFL teams because this is completely wrong right now.  I really hope everyone understands why I am writing this, I just had to voice my opinion on what I have seen happening.

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