Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall In Horicon National Wildlife Refuge!

Yes this past Sunday we went back to Horicon. This time I was able to see a lot more than the last time we went up there. I really enjoyed myself so much. Along HWY 49 we seen so many different wildlife animals, there was a field just full of so many different animals I just could not believe my eyes when I seen all of them. We did take pictures of the fields of the wildlife.

Then we went on the auto tour road and I was taking pictures of the Fall colors changing. The picture above is of the floating Boardwalk. This is so beautiful to walk and see. Sunday was the first time I was able to take this walk with Drew. I just could not believe my eyes when I seen this.

This is along the auto tour road. I had to stop and get this picture for everyone. The fall colors are starting to come in up north and it is so nice to see. 

This is a pond on the side of the same road and you can see a swan in the water towards the top of the picture along with the flowers. I just could not believe my eyes when I seen the scenery it was so lovely and the swan in the pond just made it more beautiful.

This is the blanket of yellow flowers that I was talking about in my last post. It is just beautiful and it is along the floating Boardwalk. This is in a lot of the fields in Horicon. If you remember the first picture at the top of this post you see like a lookout tower that is were I took this picture.

This is down the road from the floating Boardwalk. It is two different ponds with all kinds of wildlife in them. This is towards the end of the auto tour road.

In the distance you can see the turbine's above the trees. Yes we were not that far away from them, we past them on the way down the road to the wildlife refuge. If you see the tops of the trees starting to change there colors it is so beautiful. 

Along this road is a lot of different bike or hiking trails you can go down. In the spring I would love to go and walk the trails to be able to get the wildflowers just starting to bud. I will try to get back up that way to get the fall colors of the trees when they change the beautiful colors.

If you like to see the wildlife and the wildflowers this is the place to go and see it all. For me this is the best place to take a walk and see the beautiful land and how peaceful it is up there. It actually give you a true peace of mind how beautiful our land and wildlife really is. If it wasn't for Drew taking me there I would have never known how this really could make a person feel.

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