Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Flowers From Horican Marsh!

This past Saturday Drew, his son and I took a ride up north between Lomira and Fond Du Lac. We went to Horican Marsh Wildlife Refuge. The place is really huge it goes from just south of Fond Du Lac to down by a town call Theresa. We went to the north side of it to see what we could find between the wildlife and the wildflowers.

We took Hwy 41 to Cty Hwy 49. When you get off at Cty Hwy 49 you go left and you come to a lookout point. I pulled into the parking lot and seen so many different flowers. I could not believe this it was just so awesome. The flower above is an Orange Milkweed flower. This is just the start of what we seen out there.

As we walked the path I was just getting to see so many different flowers. It was so exciting to be able to see the different flowers. The one above is an Ironweed flower. I thought this one was just beautiful and I had to take a picture.

We also seen Purple and Yellow Cornflowers. It was like a blanket of different kinds of flowers out there. I have so many pictures of the Cornflowers that is why I just picked this one. I was in heaven with all the flowers out there.

This is a Golden Ragwort. Between the Golden Ragwort, the False Dandelion and the Tall Golden Rod you could see this for miles they just blanketed the prairie. It was just so beautiful to see that out there. It was just a gorgeous blanket of yellow flowers to see.The one below is a False Dandelion and below that is Tall Golden Rod.

Then we left this area and we drove down the road to a marsh. I was driving on the gravel along the road and water looking at the wildlife in the water. This was just as beautiful as looking at the prairie of flowers. I was so peaceful out there listening to the calls of the wildlife. It was about a mile of driving and stopping for pictures.

Along the way I could not pass up this picture of the Cattail above. The two different colors of brown and tan on it. That was just so different for me. The only ones I was seeing was brown and fuzzy around here. You would see the Cattails along the side of the road with different flowers. The flower below the Cattail is a Chicory, Cichorium Intybus. It is really nice to finally see a lot of different flowers and they are so beautiful.

Down the road I seen this purple flower then when we came up to the flower I seen it and said I don't have this flower in my wildflower folder. So I took a picture of Purple Prairie Clover with False Dandelions. That looks like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

Then we went further down the road I seen a sign to turn left for an auto tour that takes about a half hour. Well with us it was a lot longer than that. When we keep seeing different wildlife and wildflowers to take pictures.

We came along the auto trail to find this flower Late Purple Aster. It looks like a daisy because it is in the daisy family.

Going down the road we seen a lot of different birds flying across the road like a Cardinal, Swallows and Starlings. Drew had the binoculars and in the distant he saw a Bald Eagle out there.  There are lots of walking trails and a Boardwalk. We got out of the car to go by the Boardwalk and when we came back to the car I told Drew we had to start heading home. We spent about three hours out there and I promised Drew we would go back there. This was just one little spot that we spent three hours at. More to come from Horicon Marsh.