Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Moving My Daughter!

Yes today we are moving my daughter into her dorm room at the University of Whitewater. This past week has been crazy at our house. Trying to make sure she has everything to move into her dorm, getting everything packed up and making sure my son is coming to help us.

I know there is always a lot of the last minute things you have to get from the store that you forget when you are there. It just feels like you are at the store everyday getting something that she forgets to tell me that she will need. But we put all the main things on layaway back in the beginning of July. I will let you know that really helps out a lot doing it that way.

Now for the packing part was just crazy here. Lets see were to start about this one. In one of the bins I packed all of her school supplies and in the other bin is all of her extras like plates, bowls, cups right now I don't remember what else. Then two duffel bags of clothes yes two and one of the duffel bags is ours. There is a lot of stuff that I had to make sure was packed for her. She told me that if she did the packing that there would be a lot more bags or boxes needed. She even has a 6 drawer plastic dresser to take with her that is packed with stuff in it.

Last night Drew packed out car and there is still more to be packed when my son gets here with his car. I even went through my cabinet and refrigerator to see what food she would be able to take.I just found out that my son got pulled over by the state police an hour away from here. But he got lucky and just got a warning because he told the officer that he was on his way here to move his sister to college.

I know I keep saying I can't wait for this day to come but deep down inside me I am going to miss my daughter being around. She is my youngest child out of my three kids. I am just so proud of her going to college and I pray she keeps up her grades and proves her dad wrong. Her dad said she will not make it to get her major. I know my daughter if she puts her mind to it and does her best she will make it. Kimmy we love you and we will miss you!

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  1. Aww. But college will pass by very fast, my friend. And for sure, your youngest daughter will be visiting you every once in a while, so cheer up. She’s in college now! :) Anyway, good job on packing your daughter’s stuff. I’ve been in the same situation months ago, and I can tell how exhausting it is to separate, categorize, and organize all my daughter’s important things. Of course, we want our daughters to have everything they need for college and we also want them to have an easy time unpacking.

    Ericka Muldowney