Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Revue on Lionel Richie Tuskegee Album!

Yes Lionel Richie had a concert on t.v. last night and I watched it. This concert was awesome. I enjoyed the whole show.

I just could not believe all the country music singers that he was singing with last night. Yes I like country music and rock.

This is a list of the singers and songs that they sang last night:

Jason Aldean- He sang " Say You Say Me". This was an awesome song he sang. He did an great job with the song.

Luke Bryan- He sang " Running with the Night". He sang this so good and I really liked it.

Sara Evans and Marc Anthony- They sang " Endless Love". The did an awesome job with this song. I really loved it.

Martina McBride- She sang " Still ". This was an awesome performance.

The Band Perry- They sang " Penny Lover". I don't know the band at all but they did do a good job with the song.

Lady Antebellum- They sang " Truly". This was a awesome performance for the song. I just sat there watching them in awww.

Here are the duets with Lionel Richie:

Kenny Chesney- He sang  " My Love". This was really funny with the two of them. Because Kenny would try to move close to Lionel when they sang the part My Love. Then Lionel would shake his head no. They did have an awesome performance together.

Tim McGraw- He sang " Sail On". This was an awesome performance with the two of them. They had a great time on the stage singing together.

Jennifer Nettles- She sang " Hello". They had a great performance together.

Kenny Rogers- He sang " Lady". He was suppose to sing by himself but he asked Lionel to come up on stage and sing with him. Lionel only had one word for this song and went to Kenny with it. They come up with the song together. This was a great performance with both of them singing the song.

Darius Rucker- He sang " Stuck on You". This was a great performance. I really enjoyed it.

Rascal Flatts- They sang " Dancing on the Ceiling". This was so awesome. I loved it.

Blake Shelton- He sang " You Are". They had an awesome time singing together. It was funny because they were goofing around on stage when You Are came up and pointing at each other. It was awesome to watch.

Nicole Richie she sat by her dad while he played a song he use to sing to her when she was little.

Big & Rich- They sang " Brick House". This was so good and I loved it when Lionel went up there to sing with them. It was the last song of the show. 

I just really enjoyed the show so much and I seen the cd at Wal-Mart today and picked it up. I got the deluxe edition so I even have the dvd.

Yes I do like Lionel Richie's music. I grew up listening to it a lot. I did have all of his albums but then my ex sold them.

I would like to hear what you have to say about this so please feel free to leave your comments. Thank you very much!♥


  1. I am a Lionel Richie fan too. I have been a fan of his since I was a little girl. His music has always moved me in a special way and I think he's a great guy too. To say that I idolize him is an understatement. It's scarey sometimes that I have loved him and his music for so long and so hard. But I love Twitter because I finally have gotten a chance to give back by expressing my love and appreciation of his music whenever possible, a real gift to me. I enjoyed the concert as well. As successful as Lionel Richie is, sometimes I still feel he is underrated by many people because of his easygoing style. But I appreciate that he is one of a kind and in the face of the state of the world his "kind" of music saved me from bitterness and destruction. It kept me believing in love and happiness and peace. That's why I will always love Lionel Richie. He is my hero.

  2. Thank you for reading this. I have listened to his music since I was younger too. He is underrated for his music I agree with you. That is because of his easy listening music. A lot of people just do not like that kind of music. I am one that will give all different kinds of music a chance to see if I do like it or not. But rap is one I will never listen to again. I use to have all of Lionel Richie's album. I am glad to hear that his music has done so much for you.

    I also seen I t.v. last night he is going to be on a show. I just forgot the name of it.