Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

Yes today is my Dad's Birthday.  He passed away about 16 yrs ago but I still say Happy Birthday to him. He would have been 79 years old today. He worked at the Chicago Tribune and he was a machinist and he did retire from there.

Yes my dad was very strict with having three girls. If we did anything wrong he would either spank us or ground us. I remember when I was 18yrs old and my dad grounded me from seeing my boyfriend. The thing of it is all I did was prove my dad wrong and he grounded me.

My older sister said she hated my dad to his face. I never would say that to my dad. I have to much respect for my dad to ever say that to him. I learned the right things to do because of having an older sister. Yes I still got into enough trouble on my own. I also got blamed for a lot of things my younger sister did. But dad always figured out if it was me or not.

My dad like building things with wood and when ever he needed help he would have me help him. Even if I was out with my friends down the street he would yell down the street for me to come home and help him.

My parents have land up north and that was were my dad retired to and he passed away there. I remember that to this day. He loved it up there and he loved going to the lake with us kids. He would pick us up out of the water and throw us back in or we would ride on his back while he would swim. He did the same thing with my son.  Out of my three kids it hit my son the hardest when his grandpa passed away. My dad was not only like my best friend but my sons too. My son was grandpa's boy all the time.

To this day there are two days that are the hardest for me, that is today and Christmas. My dad loved Christmas because of all the lights on the houses. I guess that is why I love driving around looking at the decorated houses so much.

It is hard for me to talk about my dad because I start to cry. I miss my dad so much and I will always love him every day. I don't get to his grave because he is buried in Illinois with his mom and dad.

My dad really didn't like my ex-husband when I was married. But I know for a fact that he would love my boyfriend very much. My boyfriend and my dad are a lot alike in the joking around way especially with a waitress at a restaurant. That is how I know they would get along great.


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