Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Holidays Right Around The Corner!

Yes I chose this picture for my kids. They love the Peanuts shows when they were little.

I can't believe it is this time of the year already. Thanksgiving just two weeks away. I am not ready for the Holidays yet.

I still have to do the shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. Last year we went up north for the Thanksgiving. This year with me working we have to stay home because I can only get one Holiday off. So we are going to have are own Thanksgiving dinner at home this year. My older daughter has to work and my son may not be able to make it with my granddaughter. My boyfriends family will not be around either his parents are out of state and his sister is busy with her in-laws.

If I do have to work my boyfriend and my daughter are going to have to make sure that dinner gets done. I will have some of it done the day before so they will not have so much to do. I really like to make the homemade stuffing because it tastes a lot better then the stove top.

Then a month after Thanksgiving is Christmas. That means a lot of baking for me.

Between working and trying to make my Christmas Cookies and keeping the house clean it is going to be crazy for me this year. But it is always worth every minute to me to make my family happy. I did forget one more thing shopping for everyone's Christmas presents.

I will just have to take one day at a time to get this all done. Then when this is all done it is always worth it. Because I feel better when I am baking my Christmas Cookies. I have two taste testers for my cookies to make sure that they taste good that is my boyfriend and my daughter. Some of the cookies are not easy to make so I tell them to stay out of the kitchen when I am making them.

There is one thing I have never told anyone and I want to put it on here. That is I always miss one person every year for the Holidays and that is my dad. He loved this time of the year because of all the decorations to go and drive around and see. He has been gone for about fifteen years now. But for me when this time of the year comes around it is always the hardest for me. I was always closest to my dad and that is probably why it is still so hard for me and also why I decorate my house. I am trying to keep my dad with me for the Holiday.

I will see my kids for Christmas with all the rest of my family. Christmas Eve we will be with my boyfriends family and Christmas Day is with my family. This is all up north and a lot of driving to do but all worth it.

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