Monday, November 14, 2011

Bears Week #10

Yes the Bears beat the Lions 37-13. This was one awesome game to watch. The Bears are 6-3 now. This is the Bears fourth straight win now.

The Bears offense and the defense was really on fire for the game yesterday. I couldn't believe it.

Hester had a 82 yard punt return for a touchdown. That was really awesome to see. That was his 17th return for his career.

There was about five interceptions that the Bears got and some of them ended up into touchdowns for the Bears. Fourth Quarter with in the first five minutes the Bears got two of the interceptions.

After the second interception Stafford pulled Moore down by the back of the helmet. Then Moore got up and went and slammed Stafford down to the ground and a big fight broke out on the field. Moore ended up getting ejected from the game. The referee went and did a review of what took place before ejecting Moore from the game.

21 points was by the defense on punt returns for touchdowns.

Like Cutler said it was not a clean or quiet game yesterday.

Next week they have San Diego at home and the time for the game is 315pm.

I would like to hear what you thought of this game!♥

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  1. Watched the game as well....

    Either the Bears got better or the Lions got worse (maybe both), but one thing is for sure the game got ugly. Unnecessary roughness and ejections. The Lions definitely looked helpless out on the field and took their frustrations out. Very sad game...