Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Revue on Pat Benatar's Live From Earth Album!

I was thinking this morning who to write about today. Then I was thinking not a lot of people write about Pat Benatar. So I decided to write about this album. This is one of my favorite albums from her.

There is something about her voice that I really like. When I listen to the songs it is like she just draws me in with her voice. Then again maybe that is just how I have always listened to her music too.

Here is what I think about each of the songs on the album-

Fire and Ice- I really like this song. I just really like everything about it the music and the lyrics.

Lookin" for a Stranger- I like this song but not one that I would always listen to all the time.

I Want Out- This is alright not one of her best songs. But it is good I do like the music.

We Live for Love- I do like this song. I know this is one of her slower songs but it is a really good song.

Hell is for Children- I didn't like the title for the song at first. But then I understood what she was singing about. I really like this song for what it stands for. It is about children that are being abused.

Hit Me With your Best Shot- This is one of my favorite songs by her. I just love the the whole song the music the lyrics. It is a really great song.

Promises in the Dark- This is one of her ballad songs and it is really good. I do like this song. The piano in it is really good then the music goes up. That is so great.

Heartbreaker- This is another one of my favorites by her. The music just makes me move my feet while I am listening to the song. This is a great song all the way around.

Love is a Battlefield- I remember when this song came out. I really like this song and it is the truth about relationships it was not easy back then. Now I found the love of my life and I wouldn't change a thing now. This song is so strong and the message in it is very strong. The music is great too.

Lipstick Lies- I really like this song. Not one I would listen to all the time but the music is really good.

I remember when this album came out. It came out right after I graduated high school and I have really liked this album ever since. Like I said before I really like her music. I hope to hear what you think of this album. I am leaving you with one of her official videos!♥


  1. The only album from I have from Pat Benatar is her first one, Crimes of Passion.

  2. Well I guess you are going to have to start looking for more of her albums so you can finish that collections too!♥

  3. She's a powerful singer, that's for sure! So talented.

  4. Linda Lou I do agree with you on that one. She is a powerful singer.