Monday, July 11, 2011

My Revue on The Led Zeppelin Saga Hammer of The Gods!

Yes I finally finished this book. I know it took me awhile to finish it. I was busy with a lot of things around here. I am sorry this has taken me so long.

Now about the book. There is a lot of things in this book just like the other Led Zeppelin book I read before and I did a revue on it. This book does go into more detail about what happened while they were on the road.

There was a tax exile that they had to go by so they didn't have to pay so much in taxes in England. They could stay in the states for six months then go back to England for six months. By doing it this way they only had to pay half as much in taxes.

The media blamed Jimmy Page's black magic on the accidents that happened to the band and the family's. But that was not true at all. It was just things that happen in life.

It still tells how the band loved to party when they were on tour. By using drugs and throwing things out the windows. This was something normal with them. When they would go to check in the manager of the hotel would ask for a deposit on the rooms for the furniture that would get thrown out the windows and the damage of the rooms.

The reason John Bonham would get so violent when he was drinking is because of being away from his family. He missed his wife and kids so much that it really hurt him. So he would drink to try to get rid of the pain. One thing about John I read in here is that John let his son play the drums during a rehearsal. He said his son just banged on the drums so hard that is sounded just like him on them. John was sitting out in the chairs and he said this is was the band looks like and sounds like. He thought that was so awesome.

The band never went for anyone making bootlegs of the shows. They would take the people in back and beat them really bad. It was the road manager and some other roadies that would do it.

The accident that Robert Plant was in with his family he almost lost his wife. The kids were not that bad but his wife almost died from that accident.

John Paul Jones was mainly to himself. He was always late for rehearsals and when they were leaving from one place to get to another show.

When the band was in the states Jimmy Page was getting death threats. He was always with extra security at the shows and at the hotels. He was not taking any chances with the threats.

Led Zeppelin did sell more albums than The Rolling Stones. When I seen that in the book I was so amazed by that. But then I read that they shared a recording studio and when Jimmy called and asked if they could have the studio one more day Mick Jagger said that it was alright. They were really good friends too.

They started a record company called Swan Song Records. The bands that they had there are Bad Company, Pretty Things, Detective, Maggie Belle and Dave Edmunds. This is just some of them that I remembered.

There drug and alcohol use was really bad. It was so bad that at Jimmy's house someone stepped on a needle and died in his home. Jimmy sold that house and bought another house. Then they were rehearsing at the new house and John came there drunk. When Benji who worked for Robert went to wake John up his face was blue and no pulse. He was dead. 

This book is really good if you get the chance please read this book. It really goes into details about what the band had gone through. I really enjoyed reading the book and if you are a Led Zeppelin fan you will love this book. I would really like to hear your comments on this.

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