Monday, July 18, 2011

My Eighteen Year Old Niece Got Married!

Yesterday we had to drive up North for my nieces wedding. She is eighteen and just graduated High School. I couldn't believe she was doing this.

The first thing I thought when my sister called me and told me she was getting married was is she pregnant. Well I was wrong on that one. I felt bad thinking that about my niece.

The wedding was beautiful and so was my niece.  It was outside yes in the heat and humidity. But one nice thing was they had water bottles for everyone. The wedding party came dancing down the isle and the groom escorted his mom and her mom to there seats. Then her brother escorted her out because her dad passed away a long time ago. The pastor was really funny while talking to them he was joking around.

When you got to the reception hall you had to find a test tube with your name on it. Then it had a chemistry code on it for what table you would be at and you had to get a sparkler for when they came there. They came in a horse and buggy to the hall. Everything was in chemistry code because that was how they met. We really enjoyed it. It was really different.  

My niece and her now husband met in chemistry class in school and just got along really good. We met him at Christmas and found out then that they were engaged. I was like what is going on here. I didn't want to start questioning them with everyone there. But I was really worried about my niece.

The year before she was really happy with another boy. She went out with him for a year and you couldn't keep them apart. They went to all the school events together. I didn't even know that they broke up until I seen them for Labor Day weekend and my mom told me about it. I felt really bad for my niece so I called her to make sure she was alright.

So for the reason they got married is that they are both going to college down in Texas. They said it would be cheaper if they are married and they can get a place together. They are both going for missionary. I am very happy for my niece and I wish them the best.

My boyfriend went with me and I was so glad he was there with me. Because there was times I couldn't take pictures. But most of all I had my best friend and the one and only man I love with me at the wedding. Yes I was crying during the ceremony.


  1. That's sweet that you had a nice boyfriend at your side. Weddings are so romantic! Best of luck to your niece. Eighteen years old does sound young, but those high school sweethearts often stay together the longest.

  2. My boyfriend is the sweetest man all he wants is me to be happy.
    Well I was nineteen when I got married. My ex was going into the Army.
    I do pray that this works out for my niece and I wish them the best too!